What Record Are You Listening To Today?

I saw Him last year in Rio de Janeiro.Jacob Collier is a genius.So young .What about negativ harmony.? Very intereting sound

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I’ve been spending most of the last couple of weeks practicing my ear training and transcribing favourite tunes -mainly so I can create iRealPro charts and jam along! So far so good. I guess my end goal with this is to work the elements that really float my boat into my own compositions. Anyhow, today’s effort is with this little beauty. Such a cool song with plenty to keep my developing jazz sensibilities happy (though the walking bassline is a bit of challenge when trying to pin down the harmony…!)

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Wow great performance Harriet… thanks for sharing.

Notice that he is using a backing track. It’s important to have bass and drums to achieve this kind of style.

One of the things i love about iRealPro - https://irealpro.com/ - is that you can find the backing track for virtually any song.

I searched for this tune the iRealPro Forums, and here it is: Isn't she lovely - Stevie Wonder

Simply click the link here:

and it will open up in your iRealPro App…

You can then change the key, the tempo, the style etc…

An invaluable resource when trying to play in this kind of style!

Enjoy :sunglasses:

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Thanks Hayden.
Am just a beginner, but hope to get good enough to use backing tracks in time to come. Just think that young guy Yohan Kim is very talented.
Appreciate the link.
Rgds, Harriet

My pleasure Harriet.

I’d recommend you check out our Blues Courses which are focused on beginners. In both of these courses we use the backing tracks for the blues progression.

These are nice courses to familiarise yourself with backing tracks because the blues form is just 12 bars long. Experiment with these lessons and let me know how you get on :sunglasses:

The 12 Bar Blues Progression:

The Minor Blues Progression:

Also check out the course on Rootless Voicings Harriet:

This is a big area of study, it takes time to learn and master the voicings and this is the type of chord voicings you will use if you are playing with a backing track which simulates the bassist and drummer.

Yes what a wonderful talent!

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I realise it’s not a jazz tune, but I’ve been listening to this one and trying it out on iReal Pro. So, the noteworthy things for here is first off that it gives plenty opportunity to practice chord shortcuts and upper structures, but also secondly the minor line cliche in the chorus, which I didn’t know was a minor line cliche until I’d seen the lesson on here! :grin: Also it’s a lovely tune - when I was having vocal coaching last year this was one I practiced… You can really tell the jazz and blues influences in Stevie’s work - and this is a superb album: been a favourite for years!


Nice record James. Love the groove.

Yes the minor line cliche sounds great and can be applied to virtually any minor chord.

I tend to use it when I’m sitting on 1 minor chord for a bar or more, just to add a little interest to the static harmony.


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:open_mouth: Wow! Awesome, thanks Hayden! Going to look at that - I got sidetracked yesterday trying a jazz-flavoured reharmonisation of this tune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p4yJp4CLRL4. I over-complicated it though! :roll_eyes:

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love this quartal voicing lesson !!!

Thanks Lori… that’s lesson 4 in the course.

Lesson 3 gives some simpler 4-note comping voicings which often provide ample support when comping. Those quartal voicings do sound awesome though! :grinning: I like to mix and match simpler 4-note structures, and the 6-note quartal sets.

I’m aiming to have the lessons 1-5 published tomorrow. Cheers!

If I Were A Bell - The Miles Davis Quintet

Great Miles recording with Red Garland on piano.


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Is it reckoned to be a standard? Always liked this and dig this (slightly raucous) version:

Yes definitely a standard! I’ve heard this tune called fairly frequently at jam nights.

Love the piano solo in this version too.

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I’ve been working through all of Miles’ albums that feature Wynton Kelly on piano.

Here’s a fantastic record to listen and transcribe from… “Pfrancing” which is a Blues in F:

so much great material to listen to and absorb… not just from the piano but also the horn players can teach you so much about phrasing.

A really nice record.

Full album here:

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Tommy Flanagan - In A Sentimental Mood

A beautiful performance by The Tommy Flanagan Trio

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Another great recording of Sentimental Mood…

Check out the tutorials on PianoGroove:

Part 1: In A Sentimental Mood Piano Chords - Part 1 | PianoGroove.com

Part 2: https://www.pianogroove.com/jazz-piano-lessons/sentimental-mood-tutorial-part-2/

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Quite a few versions of this Chick Corea tune (including the fairly psychedelic original from him and Return to Forever) but this one is awesome:

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We will be covering this tune… it’s been requested in the upcoming standards thread.

Tuomo suggested covering it, but for his upcoming 5 standard lessons, he choose tunes higher up the vote table… we will get around to this tune shortly though.

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