What Record Are You Listening To Today?

Awesome - look forward to it! :smiley:

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Great Hayden, thanks -looking forward to it! :smiley: :+1:

Wynton Kelly - Autumn Leaves

Wynton’s take on this jazz classic.

I’m currently studying his comping under the bass solo at 3:50 - great stuff!

Tommy Flanagan - In A Sentimental Mood

Love this tune… beautifully played by the maestro.

Enjoy! And check out our lesson on this tune if you’re feeling inspired. That reminds me I still need to transcribe the arrangement for this tune.


(when Hiromi just have some fun)

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The Tony Bennett Bill Evans Album is a 1975 studio album by singer Tony Bennett, accompanied by Bill Evans. :smile:


Wow… brilliant performance Marc.

I love the interplay between the bass and the piano.

Lovely album Yves… I always enjoy listening to Bill Evans accompanying vocalists.

He has such a soft and subtle touch… always the perfect amount of harmonic support.

This is completely unrelated, but you may find it interesting, Bill Evans accompanying himself to the tune “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”:

I love the dissonant voicings he plays.


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I love this version (though it’s a tribute to A Night In Tunisia really) - I gave a vote to covering this in lessons in the future. I love Herbie Hancock’s solo here and of course the vocals by the irrepressible Ms Chaka Khan:

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Awesome thanks James… nice recording.

I will speak with our team of teachers and figure out who is best to create a tutorial and arrangement.


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wow lovely groove )) thanks for all your sharing James …
discovering funk jazz recently even my 50th years ) really so fun to play … and on bass too ) … coooollll :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

love the mix of electric and acoustic piano …

lets share some of my favourites
love this album Bex Emmanuel B2Bill …

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Fred Hersch and his melodic and counterpoint mastering… those 2 are my favourite … fresh and deep music … and his touch of piano …

i have the chance to meet him in a music workshop in south of France , very kind and humble person… and so insight music … impressive


this young bassist with lovely arrangement
more on the funk side but with some jazzy touch

and this old one

…this may inspire you james


Interesting Pierre, I haven’t seen these modern tributes before… thanks for sharing.

One of my favourite albums of Bill’s is his album “From Left to Right” released in 1970 . He is playing both the acoustic grand, and a fender rhodes simultaneously.

And my absolute favourite record is that album is his rendition of “What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life”:


Awesome, thanks Hayden!

Hey @Pierrot - thanks for these! :smiley:

@anon84688975 … this is now my favorite jazz funk recording - along with “Rodney Franklin - The Groove” a close second place - both fantastic grooves :sunglasses:

Our next new teacher will be a funk specialist - I’ve spoken with a few funk teachers, but not yet found the right fit for PianoGroove for various reasons.

I have most of this month free whilst I’m back in the UK visiting family, and my priority is creating some more beginner tutorials for the beginner-end of the syllabus where many of our students want more content.

My other priority is to headhunt our funk specialist. My aim is to have someone in place this year. I’m very confident I can achieve this.

I’ll post updates as soon as it materialises.

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Jazz funk is quite a broad genre, but The Crusaders and Rodney Franklin are definitely up there with the best examples of it! I had an idea of making my own standards list based upon the broader genre as a whole!

Yes I think that’s a great idea James.

I was thinking that it would be nice to have dedicated sections for different genres.

This thread, of course, is for whatever records we’re currently listening to - so it includes any genre.

However, I also think it would be nice to have these kinds of threads divided by genre so that we can easily find lists of specific styles.

The Next Round Of Forum Work

The next round of development work on the forum will be on the ‘Category’ aspect of the community area.

Discourse - the system that powers this community/forum - has lots of potential which we are not currently using to it’s fullest potential. We have a couple of super talented developers who do the forum work and I’m excited to work with them more as soon as we have the time/resources.

You can see how I introduced threads on my own favourite musicians.

I think a ‘higher-level genre approach’ will be awesome too.