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General Discussion

Introduce yourself to the PianoGroove Community and read our forum rules and guidelines. This is the place to post miscellaneous topics that don’t fit into other categories.

Practice Inspiration

Download PDF practice plans & watch performances by our students & teachers to inspire your practice sessions. Discover useful tips, tricks & exercises on harmony & improvisation.

Jazz Theory Discussion

Ask theory questions & get instant replies from our teaching team. Browse through the most common jazz theory questions and join in the discussion.

Records & Albums

Share & discover the finest musicians, records, & albums - all carefully curated by our community of teachers & students. Start listening to more jazz today.

Transcription Exercises

Listening to, transcribing, and emulating our favourite recordings is an essential part of learning to play jazz piano. Find everything you need to improve your ears and start transcribing.

Zoom Workshops

Welcome to the workshops area! Hosted by Tuomo, tune into weekly Zoom sessions and participate in homework assignments and group discussion to improve your jazz piano skills.

Software & Setup

Find the best software, apps, & tools to supplement your jazz piano studies. Browse discussions on keyboards, pianos, and setup.

Vocal Accompaniment

Find tips, advice, & guidance from our voice & piano expert, Lyndol Descant. Learn the art of vocal accompaniment & practice your skills with our vocal play-a-long tracks.

New Lesson Updates

Request lesson topics and vote on upcoming jazz standards lessons. If you have a particular theory topic you would like to learn, post it here and our teaching team will cover it for you.

Jazz Events & Jam Nights

Find out information on your local jazz scene. Share information on the jazz festivals, touring musicians, jazz clubs, and jam sessions in your local area.
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