What Record Are You Listening To Today?

Hi Hayden and fellow community members,
I have been listening with wonder to Joey Alexander. I have been practicing your lesson on Somewhere of the Rainbow. What a gorgeous song. Came upon Joey’s transcription and studio solo of this song. So beautiful.

Amazingly, for those of you who do not know Joey, this was recorded when was about age 12. Watch and weep.

And check out Giant Steps

A fantastic solo version of Round Midnight


Wow such a brilliant young talent Bryan… always a joy to listen to!

Love this version:


Só danço o Samba:



Superb! :smiley: Oh, to able to play like that…

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Wonderful performance Ana!

I love all of Jobim’s compositions :sunglasses:

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Got to see some great live music on Tues…


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Wow thanks James… plenty to peruse in there!

As soon as I get a few hours free I will work my way through the songs.


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Looks awesome Kim!

I think it’s great how students are sharing local jazz events!

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One for @anon84688975


What a classic! Thank you Hayden. This is basically a blues progression but in a funk context: wonderful! Funnily enough, I’m going to do some AWB charts for iReaPro of some of their vocal stuff. They had some great tracks and are an influence on me, but not all their material is created equal…

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i love night in Tunísia .Dizzy is the best

Transcribing this today, on the funk tip. The rhythm and syncopation is awesome. And scope I think to practice the dominant upper structures once I chart this on iReal Pro for accompaniment:

Nice record James… have fun applying upper structures over this!

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Here’s a swingin’ number from the great Red Garland:

Red Garland Trio - But Not For Me

Listen to how syncopated and groovy his feel is at 2:15. despite him only playing a single note.

Red is one cool cat! :sunglasses:


The whole album “Red Garland’s Piano” is awesome:

Piano: Red Garland
Bass: Paul Chambers
Drums: Art Taylor

Album Page On Spotify:

Album Page On YouTube:


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Wow, what an awesome performance Ana!

It’s got me tapping my foot to the beat :grinning:

Fantastic camera work too… it really captures the energy of the big band.