Jazz Standards - Vote Now!

Here’s a list of jazz standard lesson requests I have been sent. Please vote for the tunes you would like to see most of all, and also include other suggestions below if not included here.

For your information, I select tunes based on the following criteria:

  1. Part of the jazz standard repertoire
  2. Relevance to the theory lessons. Able to incorporate theory topics that we have covered.
  3. Above anything else, the tunes that you - the students - would like to learn!

Please vote below… you can vote for 5 different standards. I will remove them from the list when the lesson has been created.

  • Stardust
  • Skylark
  • Naima
  • Emily
  • Just Friends
  • Manhattan
  • Every Time We Say Goodbye
  • Cry Me A River
  • If I should Lose You
  • The Way You Look Tonight
  • Fly Me To The Moon
  • 500 Miles High
  • Never Let Me Go
  • Georgia On My Mind
  • Satin Doll
  • As Time Goes By
  • Summertime
  • Blue Moon
  • On Green Dolphin Street
  • You Must Believe In Spring

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I would like to suggest naima for the list.

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Thanks Michael… I’ve added it into the poll.

How’s about On Green Dolphin Street and Passion Dance

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I’d like to suggest Never Let Me Go. Thanks!

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Thanks for the suggestions! The poll can have a maximum of 20 options so I’ve swapped the 2 out that hadn’t received any votes.

I do plan to cover all of these tunes… the poll will help with the order to cover them.

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I’d like to see a lesson on “Don’t let me be lonely tonight”. Great version by Michael Brecker


Thanks Michael we can certainly cover that tune.

I would love to see tutorials on Unforgettable, What a Difference A Day Makes, and I’ve Got You Under My Skin.


Thanks for the suggesstions Andrew… all great tunes!

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Thanks Hayden, loving the site so far!

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Awesome glad your enjoying it.

I will be publishing two lesson on Bossa Nova in the next couple of hours… the email will be going out to everyone soon :slight_smile:

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How about ‘A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square’,such a great tune to play.


Thanks for the suggestion Paul… it’s been added to the lessons schedule.

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Is Bewitched, Bothered… on your list? Also did you say you’ll be creating a lesson for Estate?
I like the new green progress bar on the tablet! Thanks for always adding such great content, the transcriptions are a huge bonus!!

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Hey Kim,

Yes we can certainly cover that tune.

Estate should be the next bossa tune we cover - take a listen to Gilberto singing it:

Glad you noticed the video player features! If you remember when I mentioned to you I was frustrated with the issues with the current one, well now I have found a new solution that looks much better, and is much more reliable. It is powered by the same video player but looks slightly different.

The test is working well: https://www.pianogroove.com/video-test/ - now I just need to switch over the embed codes.

ps. don’t panic that play button reappears when pausing the test video, I just need to add a line of code to sort this out. The left-align will also be corrected once the switch takes place.

I’m really happy that with the new solution!! :relaxed:

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Waltz for Debbie would be nice.


Thanks Guy… yes great tune and we can definitely cover it

I’d love to see lesson on Sweet Lorraine. Thx

Great thanks Michael, I will create another poll once I’ve got through the numbers above.

Thanks for posting the tune suggestion here :slight_smile: