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Made famous by Charlie Chaplin, “Smile” was my parents’ song and my late father played it beautifully on the piano. I would love to hear Hayden’s take on this classic and to learn his arrangement.

I am relatively new to the site, but I must say it quicly became my favorite online ressource for learning jazz piano. Keep up the good work Hayden!

Quebec City, Canada


Thanks for posting the tune in here Frederic… it really helps me keep track of suggestions and also opens it up for other students to comment and add to.

I’m happy to hear you are enjoying the website - if I can help you with anything you are working on, just let me know :slight_smile:

please consider Bill Evan’s The Peacocks and Elsa


Thanks for the recommendation Jonathon… they are both great tunes!

“The Peacocks” is challenging both harmonically and melodically… it will make an interesting study!

“Elsa” for sure we can cover that too… it’s a much more accessible tune and we need to add more waltzes to the lesson library.


whatever happens in this poll you should do naima anyway :slight_smile:

Yes agreed Diego… we will be covering all of these tunes, the next one will be Satin Doll.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi all :grinning:

The next 2 jazz standard tutorials are:

  1. A swinging bluesy arrangement for "Satin Doll"

  2. A downtempo ballad arrangement of "Estate"

Here’s what I have in mind for the arrangements:

"Satin Doll" performed by the late but great Michel Petrucciani

"Estate" performed by Indonesian pianist Febian Reza Pane

Obviously I will be listening to, and drawing inspiration from many other recordings but I particularly like the style of the two examples above.

I hope everyone is enjoying the new Blues Improv series :sunglasses:


Next up we have a jazz standard tutorial on the beautiful ballad “As Time Goes By”.

Similar to the tutorial on “The Way You Look Tonight”, we will continue to explore intro, outros and turnarounds and create a full solo piano arrangement.

I’m excited to record this lesson… it’s a lovely ballad with a very strong melody.

Here’s a couple of the versions I’ll be using for inspiration:


hi, loved that Taylor/Brecker tune, thank you Michael, I remember Michael Brecker as part of one of Joni Mitchell’s players which certainly honored him… Hope she is recovering after that terrible stroke, such little info…

I would like:

A foggy day.

Besame mucho.

All of me.

April in Paris

My foolish heart.


Love is here to stay.

The look of love.

i’ve got you under my skin.

Walk On By.

quiet nights.

  • Just these songs! :smile:
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You Are There
Heart’s Desire

Thanks guys, keep these suggestions coming. I’ll create another poll that includes all of the tunes submitted to this thread. Ultimately, I want to deliver the jazz standards that are most in demand, and I’m happy with how the poll and forum facilitates this.

If you’re wondering what’s next up…

A jazz standard tutorial on “My Favourite Things” will be ready very shortly, I’m just finishing the editing. It’s not actually on the list above but I’ve been requested it many times.

Then next up… I’ve already started arranging “Stardust” … beautiful tune and the kind of ballad I love to play so that will be a nice one.

Blue Moon” - also a favourite of mine - will be next after Stardust. I’ve always enjoyed Kenny Barron’s version of the tune. In his introduction, he uses lots of descending chromatic passing chords - mostly dominant chords - that sound fantastic. Take a listen here:

We have covered that tune here: My Foolish Heart Tutorial | PianoGroove.com

And thanks for the other great suggestions Ioannis :slight_smile:

Nice tunes… thanks Greg :thumbsup:


Please can I suggest “A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square”

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi Paula,

Yes sure things we can cover that tune. Thanks for the suggestion.

Paul requested that tune a while ago…

It’s taken a little longer than expected to work through the standards but my plan is to bring more tutors onboard and so we will be able to turn these requests around much quicker :slight_smile:

Not a true “standard” but a very beautiful arrangement that I would love to learn if you are ever able to fit it in :blush:



Beautiful thanks for sharing Kim… I’ll ensure we try our best to deliver tutorials on all of the tunes in this thread… it may take a little while but as long as they are here, we have a record of them :slight_smile:

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You are truly the best!

Though there are already ample suggestions, I would like to suggest my favorite jazz standard, “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.”


More Chet Baker would be great!

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