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I loves you porgy is running through my head and I would like to figure out this lovely and haunting tune.


Beautiful tune Lori… we can certainly create a nice Bill Evans-esque arrangement.

His solo version is nice too, he comes back to the head around 1:35:

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Thanks for the suggestions Eric… I’m aiming to have more tutors onboard in the new year so that we can get through the suggestions quicker.

For all suggestions posted… I’ll make every effort to get a tutorial produced :slight_smile:

Next up is “Stardust” by Hoagy Carmichael which will be ready this week.

Yes great idea, I love Chet’s work… any tunes in particular?

We’ve covered some of his vocal arrangements. This one is my favourite:

I Fall In Love Too Easily: https://www.pianogroove.com/jazz-piano-lessons/fall-in-love-to-easily-tutorial/


I’d love to see you do the old song whispering:

Specifically, some improv and soloing lesson around this would be great too!


That’s awesome thanks Robert :slight_smile:

It really helps when students post their favourite versions of the record so that I can get an idea of the style and feel. It’s also a nice way to share the records with other students.

If you want to improvise over any tune Robert, you need to know the chord changed inside out, completely by muscle memory in your left hand. Then you will be in a position to explore improv.

Looking at a lead sheet and reading chord changes will distract you from your right hand improvised lines and melodic ideas.

I’d recommend playing through with left hand voicings until you can play them at tempo without thinking.

Hope this helps Robert :slight_smile:

Perhaps Girl From Ipanema

September In The Rain


Thanks for the suggestions Randy.

We will be bringing onboard more tutors in the new year for bossa nova lessons and so “The Girl From Ipanema” will definitely be covered soon.

hi, i woud like some tunes.I remember clifford,joy spring, my song.Thx

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Thanks for recommending these tunes Ana… great suggestions :slight_smile:

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I’ll soon be going through this entire thread and categorizing all submissions by style and feel (bluesy tunes, ballad tunes, up-tempo tunes, Latin tunes etc… )

With 2 new PianoGroove tutors onboard and more to come, we will be able to deliver tune requests much faster moving forwards.

I’d like tutors to deliver the tunes that they know well, and that suit their style of playing.

I’ll post an update in this thread once I have categorised all requests.

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I know there are already tons of suggestions here, but I’ll toss out Dolphin Dance and Wave into the mix!


Would love a lesson on Wee Small Hours of the morning. Randy Halberstadt plays a great version and just heard a lovely one by Oscar Peterson a few days ago… thanks!


Good day Hayden,
Thought I would make this request official.

Someone to Watch Over Me

Here are two beautiful and very different versions.


That Keith Jarrett track is beautiful, thanks for sharing!


I am currently working on …… Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.

Would welcome your arrangement.


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Hi Don,

Beautiful tune… leave it with me!

A solo piano arrangement will be ready shortly for the tune “Skylark” .

Here’s a few recordings I liked whilst working on the lesson:

Kenny’s lyricism in the melody around 1:40 is brilliant:

And here’s some other great recordings for Spotify Users:

The arrangement and transcription will be ready next week :slight_smile:

I have just published a lesson on SkyLark which has now been crossed off the list: Skylark - Jazz Standard Lesson

Tuomo is working on the following 5 tunes that have been requested by students:

  • On Green Dolhpin Street
  • Everytime We Say Goodbye
  • Emily
  • You Must Believe In Spring
  • Naima

And my upcoming standard lessons are:

  • Just Friends
  • Waltz For Debby
  • What A Difference A Day Makes
  • But Beautiful
  • Yesterdays

With our growing team of teachers, we will be able to move through tune requests much quicker… so keep the suggestions coming.

Soon I will create a new table of standards to vote on. I will start by compiling all of the suggestions in this thread.

Some of you might remember in January when I declared my goal to get all of these tunes recorded this year. An ambitious goal… but I’m feeling confident that we can get there :smile: Cheers!

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Yay for Waltz for Debby!!


May I suggest ‘let’s face the music and dance’; I believe this would help us all with the swing feel and upbeat accompaniements in the left hand. However, I may be wrong so will leave it to you.

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I suggest a couple of ballads I love: Charles Aznavour’s “She” ( Elvis Costello) and “ You are so beautifull”(Joe Cocker).
Thank you

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