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@Greg, great job, as usual!

I like the 4 dominant - application in the end :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @celia, @jose2, @paul1523727, and @Tuomo. Paul, look forward to hearing what you come up with!


Nice job @gregb - very tastefully played!

Yes the Arturo Sandoval recording has so much great material in there:

As well as Arturo’s solo, the sax player - Zane Musa - has a beautiful line over the backdoor 251 towards the start of his solo (Abmaj7 → Db7 → Ebmaj7) - it also works great over regular 251 in Eb Major and also 251 in C Minor. His whole solo is awesome - my favourite of the group’s performance.

The piano player - Mahesh Balasooyria - has some amazing material too. I don’t think my fingers will ever move fast enough to play his entire solo, but I managed to pick out some blues/pentatonic phrases which are useful.

This Billy Taylor Trio recording is also nice, the introduction in particular has some interesting voicings and chord colours:

Thanks again for sharing the performance Greg - a pleasure to listen to :sunglasses:


Thanks, @Hayden!

I confess I had not listened to the entire Arturo Sandoval recording until now, and had never listened to the Billy Taylor version–you’re right, lots of great ideas for reharms and voicings on his intro.

I missed the backdoor 251 from Mahesh Balasooyria–if you wouldn’t mind can you point out where you hear it? And, yes, the second part of his solo reminds me of Phineas Newborn–technical wizardry!

One of my favorite versions is from Eliane Elias’ tribute album to Chet Baker–there are changes in style (latin ↔ jazz), changes in keys, and a great solo by her ex-husband Randy Brecker–somehow she manages to pull it off.

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Eliane Elias is one of my favorites. Guess she’s got a thing for musicians. Her current husband is bassist Marc Johnson who has played with so many great acts. In 1978, he joined Bill Evans in what would be Evans’s last trio. Johnson toured and recorded with him until his death in 1980.


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Yes it’s one of my favourite versions of the tune. Great solos from everyone and they all look like they are having a lot of fun playing it!

It was Zane Musa’s sax solo that I was referring to and the line I like is at 2:55 in the recording - pretty much where he starts his solo. This is the backdoor 251 progression which functions similar to a 251 in Eb Major:

The ‘backdoor 251’ progression appears in many standards so it’s a useful cadence to identify. Perhaps it goes by other names too.

I recorded a little rendition of “There Will Never Be Another You” and you will hear that I use Musa’s line right at the end of my solo at 1:53s:

It’s been a while since I recorded myself and my left hand comping under my solo is definitely something that I need to work on.

Wow - thanks for sharing. Agreed it’s amazing how many ways a tune can be interpreted!

I like how raw Bud Powell’s solo is on this recording and it’s been a big source of inspiration for me:



Thanks, @Hayden.

I think I must have been too sleepy when reading your original post; not only was I listening to the wrong solo, I was listening for a new progression rather than a great line over an existing progression! Not quite sure how it happened but I’ve slipped into the habit substituting a Gm7 for the tonic in bar 3, using the Db7 as a tritone for the Cm7 a bar later.

Back on point–the line is great; I’m going to borrow it myself!

P.S. Really fun to hear your rendition–I think I also heard you and Lyndol do this somewhere on PG but can’t find it now. Look forward to more.

Greg, that is totally awesome! When you mentioned on the improvisation class thread that you put the recording here I looked but couldn’t find it (it’s a big thread). I was browsing today and there it was, along with Hayden’s recording. Two great versions that give us something to work towards.

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Thanks, George. Take-home lesson is that Hayden needs to post more of his improvisations!

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Interesting sub… I will have a play around with that.

Yes I love it. I can’t make it swing nearly as hard as Zane the sax player, but it fits under the fingers very nicely. Not so much in other keys.

Yes that’s right, you can see that video here. The piano is a little out of tune and I was only comfortable soloing over the tune in Eb so Lyndol kindly sang it in that key for me. A very fun little jam regardless.

Hey George :wave:t2:

You can join Tuomo’s improv classroom here:

Click join here:

and then head over here to see all of the exercises and studies:

We will soon have a new forum navigation which will help to find these categories and subcategories, and also a new custom classroom section, here’s what is currently being coded by the developers:

Totally… I’ve been having some fun transcribing lines from Red Garland, Bud Powell, and Barry Harris and trying to connect the phrases smoothly with chromaticism to get to the starting note of the 251 phrases. A work in progress but certainly making progress on that front.

On a related note, I was chatting with @Lyndol a couple days ago and she had the great idea to host a monthly online recital which would fit nicely into the classroom section posted above.

It would follow the same format as the classroom sessions and anyone can jump on the Zoom meeting to listen in or to play a song or 2 if they desire. The new forum design should be finished early/mid August.

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I’m already there and looking forward to improv lesson II on Thursday! :smiley: Also just finishing up on the final voicings class next week. For anyone thinking of joining these classes - they will improve your playing immensely no matter what level you are at. Tuomo starts with the basics, but reviews the fundamental stuff so completely and efficiently that he is discussing intermediate and advanced concepts within a few lessons, so you can use immediately whatever information is at your level but still be aware of techniques you can practice and incorporate into your playing when your skill set advances.


This sounds sweet! Taking it to the next level :grinning:`

Whoops I misread your message George, but glad you are already there and awesome to hear you are enjoying the classroom programs.

I agree Tuomo’s classes are an enriching addition to the PG forum.

Glad you like the idea Jose!

I think it’s nice because we will have 2 ways to share our recordings; we can post them in this thread, and/or perform them with a live audience in the monthly recitals if we desire a little more adrenaline :grin:

I’m very excited for the new forum menu design. The forum categories and subcategories have outgrown the current 6 item navigation which makes it a challenge to find and locate particular sections and threads.

The collapsable left menu with the second tier drop down navigation will solve this and make all parts of the forum logically organised and accessible.


Here’s something I’ve been working on. It’s not meant as a performance; it’s more a two-part exercise/experiment. The exercise was to transcribe “Rabo de nube,” a tune by Silvio Rodríguez. (For more on the tune, check out the “What Record Are You Listening To Today?” section.) The experiment was to record it in Logic Pro X and try to share the results. I’m new to Logic, and this is my first recording. Basically, you’re listening to a recording of the bare bones lead sheet I transcribed. Put the volume pretty low!


Scott…that was lovely!!!

Hey Scott that was fantastic! A lovely melody, great harmonies, and tasteful voicings. A pleasure to hear you play after reading so many of your recommendations for listening.

Sounded like you had three tracks—one for the LH and two for the right, slit between piano and strings. I thought it worked very well.

Thanks so much Greg and Celia!

I’ll explain the technical stuff later in the Logic Pro thread.

Greg - Wow,…
my jaw dropped :heart_eyes: That was beautiful!! and so tastefully arranged!

It’s one of my favourites since hearing it first time here on PianoGroove and somedayyyy hope to be able to play this superb and lovely song!

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Scott :heart_eyes: this is amazing! love the power of that melody - and the emotion it creates when listened to… Brilliant work!