Course Demonstration by Lyndol & Hayden 🎤

Hey Groovers!

I had the pleasure of performing an impromptu duet with @Lyndol yesterday at Brooklyn Conservatory. @Dan and myself were in town to record some performances of Lyndol’s own compositions and we decided to take the opportunity to record and share this beautiful song with our community.

We choose the song “There Will Never Be Another You” - here’s the performance video, and below you can find information on everything I play:

I hope you enjoy the performance, and here is some information if you would like to try this yourself.

Firstly, you must learn the tune

Our jazz standard lesson on “There Will Never Be Another You” is here taught by myself:

Much of my introduction is this exact arrangement, so if you want to learn it yourself, there’s the tutorial covering every chord voicing I play.

Next Learn The Introduction

You will notice that I play an extended version of the 1625 Progression for my introduction. The 1625, or 431625, is a beautiful way to set the mood of a performance.

Here’s the lesson where I break down that exact introduction, note-for-note:

After I play the 431625 Progression, I then then I play the final 16 bars of the tune and for the final 4 bars notice that I set the tempo to ensure Lyndol and I are both feeling the same pulse and tempo.

This is important because I play very rubato the intro, and so without setting the pulse at the end, it would be difficult for Lyndol to feel the tempo.

Next Let’s Talk About The Voicings I’m Using:

I use a lot of quartal voicings, which are well suited to harmonic accompaniment, you can find a dedicated lesson here where we explore the construction of these voicings and also apply to the tune “There Will Never Be Another You”:

I find it very difficult to teach how to comp. When comping live like in this setting, I’m ensuring that I follow Lyndol’s lead, filling in the space she leaves, and ultimately supporting her style and vibe when she’s singing.

The lesson above shows you the voicings, but without a lead instrument, or singer, it sounds very ‘flat’. So whilst I can teach the voicings, you must go out and actually try to accompany people to learn and develop this skill.

Now Let’s Talk About The Improvisation

Swing feel is something I’ve been working on for the last few years. I started off my own jazz piano journey playing ballads and so swing was an area that I neglected.

The key is:

  1. Listen to LOTS of jazz.

  2. Transcribe from the swingin’ records that you want to sound like

  3. Play along with the swingin’ records you like the sound of

I still have a lot to work on in this area, but something I find effective is to pay attention to how the masters start their solos. Then I imitate them exactly , and often use the ideas as a ‘spring board’ into my own solos. I find it helps me feel the groove, and get in the zone to explore my own ideas.

In this lesson, we explore a Red Garland solo, and you will see that I start of my solo with Lyndol using the exact same motif. More info on soloing, and transcription here:

How To Play In A Band Course:

This performance ties in beautifully with our course on “How To Play In A Jazz Band” where the whole course is focused around this tune. The performance video will give you an insight into all of the concepts in action. Check out the course here:

There was no rehearsal for the video above, and so it was truly a spontaneous and improvised performance - I hope everyone enjoys watching us jam together.


That was fun to watch, enjoyed your improv and your comping Hayden. Lyndol is fantastic. We are blessed to have her!


Thanks Lori!

Yes Lyndol is a brilliant performer and educator - we’re finishing up the editing on her latest course:

  • Georgia On My Mind
  • Dream A Little Dream
  • I Love You For Sentimental Reasons

2 lessons on each for singing pianists, or for vocal accompanists.

It was a real pleasure to jam together in the Brooklyn Conservatory… Lyndol has such a wonderful voice and we’ll have to do more in the future.

I hope the performance inspires our other students to try vocal accompaniment.

I play all rootless voicings under my solo and so a bass player would have been a nice addition… the next step is a jazz trio performance :smiley:


Whaoo !!! Great !!!
relly good interpretation with such a precision…
I’m impressed.

I think it is a great motivation to see and listen
the result of a teaching…
(even in my case, it will take 50 years to succeed )))))))


What a pleasure! Pure, brilliant, and genuine. A perfect setting - piano and singer - but, more importantly - an expression of love - a love for what they do - and do it well. Two people using their talents to provide an exceptional performance. Wonderful!



I watched the video with my wife this afternoon. We both enjoyed it.
A superb perfomance ! Both of you !

Also, the various aspects you have highlighted in performing impromptu duet
as a Jazz pianist are very interesting and useful. I’ll take them up one by one.
Thank you.

P/S I’ve also enjoyed watching the cozy and nice apartment room with a fire place
and a peek through the windows in one of those New York’s pre-war buildings.

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@marc421812 @robert715651 @toshihiro859997

Thanks for your wonderful comments guys! It’s much appreciated and Lyndol and myself were really happy to record and share this.

Believe it or not… this is the first time that we have played together. Previously when we met we have always been busy planning and recording PianoGroove lessons :grin:

We had the beautiful Brownstone setting and all the video/audio equipment with us, and it was Lyndol’s great idea to try a impromptu duet performance.

Yes I realised after the performance that virtually everything I played has been covered in various PianoGroove lessons.

I hope you enjoy them!

Thank you guys so much for the wonderful comments. I always feel a little vulnerable sharing my music, so it was so comforting to read these just now. I’m such a fan of Hayden’s beautiful piano playing that I’ve been wanting to duet for awhile. We had a break and we seized the opportunity to jam, but I never expected to share it. I’m so glad we did tho, because I hope it inspires you guys to seize opportunities to collaborate whenever you can… the joy of music can be increased exponentially when shared. And cheers to Dan’s brilliant impromptu filming… he captured that Brooklyn moment perfectly. And I look forward to more jamming soon!


I think as musicians we can be overly critical of our own music… and our own worst critics! I often have the same feelings with aspects of my playing.

Your voice sounds fantastic to my ears Lyndol :ok_hand:

I hope the videos in this thread will inspire others to perform and share their music.

The way i see it is that we are all students of this fascinating musical art form, and getting this kind of honest and genuine feedback is invaluable for our motivation and development as musicians.

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So beautiful and what a great inspiration for all of us!!


How can i passed this vídeo?!! Bravo Hayden and Lyndols for sharing your performance.Really nice to see this song on piano groove as a lesson.:slight_smile:

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Lovely performance, Hayden and Lyndol, thank you for this. Lyndol has a unique style, a haunting blend of vulnerability and control. I love it.