Difficulty playing back videos

Is anyone else having difficulty today playing back the video tutorials across the whole platform.
I’ve experienced this with numerous video tutorials today where it unable to download the video content.
I’ve done all the advice given before like cashe and chrome etc. I do use safari but the problem still exists. Wondered if it was more of a bigger tec problem with the platform

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I’ve watched several today without any problem.

Hi Karl,

Yes there were issues yesterday which the tech guys have now resolved.

Please let me know if you experience any other issues but it should all be back to normal now.

Our video player has a lot of custom functionality which can cause bugs from time to time. The tech guys are always quick to fix these things.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your understanding.

Hi Hayden

I’ve had no problems today. Thanks for resolving :+1:t2:

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I had problems today with the video from Jovinos seminar, it keeps skipping back to the beginning.

Apologies Fredrik… I’ve alerted the tech guys and we are investigating.

Which seminar did you experience the issues on?


I’m having problems as well with Jovino’s new seminar, “Comping Voicings & Grooves.” It gets to his testing and then stops and loops back to the beginning. If you scrub the video to a later point, it plays for a seocnd or two and then loops back again to the start. (Using MacBook and Chrome) Thanks.

@scott & @fredrik - please can you try watching the seminar again.

I “archived” the seminar to show the comment section and chapter box, and it seems to have helped with the video issue.

I have played the video multiple times and it works each time for me without the skip back. However it did take around 10/15 seconds to load each time which is not normal.

Following up with the tech guys now.

I will also add the light up keys and chapters today.


Sorry, I still have the same problem, and it is exactly the same that Scott describes. Also I am using PC/windows while he is using Mac so it doesn’t seem to depend on the platform (or whatever you call it) either.

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Apologies for this Fredrik… I’m looking into it now. I will ensure it’s fixed asap and post an update here.

Hi Fredrick,

This is fixed now.

Apologies there was something unusual going on with the live stream recording.

I will add the chapters and light-up keyboard tonight.



It’s fixed for me. I just now had time to view it. Thanks!

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I’m having trouble playing the video tutorials on my MacBook, which I want to use at the piano. I can sign in and get through to the lesson but when I click on the arrow to start the lesson, the screen goes black and the the four expanding/contracting bars keep on moving without letting me in to the lesson. I do not have this problem with my desktop iMac. I would appreciate any suggestions.

Yes me as well. Very frustrating indeed.

It was fine yesterday the 24th but today it won’t open up for me.

Hi @ChilliWilli and @simon9 - please excuse my late reply, I just saw your comments.

Are you still experiencing the issue?

I’ve just watched lessons on both MacBook and iMac and the videos are playing fine. It should be fixed for you guys too. Please let me know here or via email.

I have reported the issue to the video player developers to investigate further, and apologies for the inconvenience of this.

I’m having problems too. Something is wrong - hope your tech can fix it :+1:t2::blush: I’m using an iPad, and many of the videos won’t play. I get a circle with a line through it, and an instruction to reload, but that makes no difference.

FYI: It’s working fine for me on both iMac and MacBook Pro.

I’m having problems accessing the video for Kenny Barron’s voicing in the Jazz lessons. I get the “html5: Video loading aborted; Please reload and try again” error message. I am on a Mac desktop and have tried both Firefox and Google. It was working yesterday earlier in the daytime.

Video now working again approx 5 hours later. Thanks.