Wynton Kelly "Make the man love me"

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The last few weeks I listened to “Make the man love” by Wynton Kelly. It is a beautiful ballad. I tried to understand the underlying harmony. My rendition isn´t a copy of his virtuous playing. I had to scale dow to my level using less notes. I wonder how he managed to fit all the scale runs into the bars with 4 beats only. Even using less notes I had to stretch some bars. That´s why I couldn´t add a bass line by IRealPro which would sound nicely. I used rootless voicings, the half-whole diminished scales, some triads and pentatonic harmony at the very end. Listening to my past recordings there was not enough sensation which I aimed to accomplish now.


What a lovely rendition @cornelius.moser :clap:

Your playing sounds really great with a nice selection of voicings, textures, and interesting melodies - thanks for sharing!

Nicely done @cornelius.moser!

Not sure what you mean by “sensation,” but there is definitely enough variety and texture in your approach that make for a most interesting and pleasant listen. Looking forward to hearing more. :musical_keyboard:

(By the way, what keyboard and/or VST are you using?)

Hello Scott, I am using a Kawai 920. I have a scarlett interface for the recordings which can be edited by audacity or ableton live. I try to keep simple. Most times I use audacity. Ableton is interesting in terms of changing the piano sound with XLN (i.e. grand piano) using midi.

Sounds great. Nice breezy vibe in the rhythm.

That was lovely, @cornelius.moser !

I was not familiar with the tune; typically I think of Wynton Kelly as playing with Miles Davis or Hank Mobley; I confess that I wasn’t aware of his eponymous trio work so thanks for this introduction!

One suggestion–it seems as though you were inspired by the trio version, and your rendition does seem as though it would work best as part of a trio. However, I think you could easily add a bass note here and there to your rendition (sort of a LH shuttle) without making it a real “bass line” but still would yield more of a solo piano version that could stand by itself.

Great voicings; lovely touch!

Hello Greg, thanks for your kind comment. After listening to the original trio performance, it becomes clear what is missing in my rendition. I agree. As a matter of fact I had started with making a bass line before the upload. Thus I realized it would be very time consuming. So I am still waiting for artificial intelligence to give me a bass line just on “command !” We are not far from there. Does anybody now whether this possible by now ?
For all those who are interested in Wynton Kelly´s original tune I add a link. Spotify

Hey @cornelius.moser - check out this post on the software Stemroller.com

This could be useful to isolate a bass line in a recording to make it easier to transcribe it.

To use Stemroller, you add any song recording, and then the software isolates the layers or instruments so you can completely isolate the bass part which could aid with transcription.

I hadn’t thought of using Stemroller this way, but I thought it might be of interest to you.

I have previously used Stemroller to isolate the channels in a jazz quartet recording and then remove/mute the piano part so that I could play it instead.

Beautiful rendition thks a lot for sharing … love the way you stretch the length of bars so easily with keeping the song going so nicely
… bravo Cornelius !! :+1: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Hello Hayden, thanks for sharing this tool. I am excited to check out. Looking forward to it.