Stemrolling for splitting drums , vocal , bass from original recording wow!

I discover a new freeware Stemrolling just yesterday and cant resist to share it with you

first time a soffware can have this level of separation with pretty good quality . For all Windows Apple Linux

it requires a lot of CPU , so better to close all other app when running it , otherwise i experiment errors .

Hope you will enjoy

I can now play with Till Bronner’s band with such a great pleasure

heres the album Rio (with Nascimento, luciana Souza , …) rediscovering jewels from Brazilian repertoire, i am hearing a lot those days in loops

JACHTOP Till Brönner RIO - YouTube


Great find @Pierrot Thanks! I like extracting vocals for reharms.

Hi John

Ye or having backing tracks for playing with … in a luxuary situation :slight_smile:

Or for transcribing a part so much easy when isolated…

Thanks for sharing the software. I’m going to jump on that as soon as I finish this text. Also, thanks for the link to Brönner’s album. Nice to see someone else with an interest in Brazilian tunes and artists.

Here’s a link to Eliane Elias’s latest Tiny Desk Concert on NPR. She’s in good company. Rafael Barata is one of the busiest Brazilian drummers today. Marc Johnson, her husband, is a star in his own right and played for a couple of years in Bill Evans’s last trio.

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HI Scott
you will be able to play with Barata drums …
have fun :slight_smile:

PS Another lovely TinyDesk session ;;; those three composition are really great and Barata wow … :pray:

Here s an example of how it can be such fun to play with some of our favourite recording with pro player at their top ))

extract from "Tarde " Nascimento , i loop the introduction in my DAW reaper…
The intro is such a joy to play with, the progression make me plane in heaven , and Nacimento singing on my piano chords is a wonder :smiley: :heart_eyes:

PS @Hayden is it ok to have some record part of an album? , if not dont hesitate to delete the post. Thanks

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Thanks for sharing this @Pierrot - I can see how much fun this app can be.

Sharing little snippets like this is fine. However, when sharing full audio recordings with the community, please paste the YouTube or Spotify URLs instead of uploading the raw audio file in .mp3/.wav format.

ps. your piano accompaniment sounds great!

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