What have you been focused on?

@gregb started a trend a couple of years ago by getting us to share our Spotify Tops Lists. So, it’s that time of year to share–if you care to. It’s always interesting to see what others are doing.

I’ve included Genres, Artists, and Songs. The lists speak for themselves, but I need to mention that Som/3 features Cesar Camargo Mariano on piano. (I used downloads because the images were too big.)

Top Genres.pdf (207.1 KB)

Top Artists.pdf (151.4 KB)

Top Songs.pdf (179.3 KB)


@scott1 Why am I not surprised?

Here’s a couple snapshots

Screenshot 2023-12-03 at 10.30.15 AM

I thought I might be overdoing a bit with Mr. Evans since I was in the top 1%, but it turns out my son was in the top 0.01% (9037 minutes) listening to The National.


@gregb Your trends are not surprising either. :sunglasses:

After seeing your 5,000 minutes listening, I reviewed mine. I spent 24,000. Yikes!

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Here’s my listening summary for 2023:

I’m a top 2% listener for Stan Getz which is surprising - but I do like to listen to his Bossa Nova albums whilst cooking and doing things around the house.

I think I might have accidentally muted my laptop and left my “Nearness Of You” playlist running :grin:


No surprises for me here!
Anyone else like a bit of Kiefer?


Thanks guys for sharing. It always interests me to see what everyone is up to. With me and @gregb there were no surprises, but I did find out about some new (to me) artists.

For example, @John_A asked, “Anyone else like a bit of Kiefer?” I’d never heard of him. So I gave him a listen. I’ve only heard a few cuts from his latest album, but I’m pretty wowed by his tunes.

And @Hayden includes M.Fasol. His stuff seems like a good source for ideas. I particularly liked his “ACOUSTIC / LATIN / NEO SOUL Instrumental” YouTube offering.

At any rate, it’ll be interesting to see if anything changes with next year’s lists. Maybe Hayden will have tired of “The Nearness of You” by that time. :sunglasses:


Yes I was listening to his SoundCloud channel earlier in 2023 and I made a note of these 2 recordings which I liked:

Elijah Fox - who I believe is Kiefer’s housemate - also has a cool sound. Check out the video below.

His piano runs remind me of Debussy but with a modern flavour:

Modern jazzy impressionism :star_struck:

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I really like listening to this jazz version of Just the Two of Us :blush:


Thanks Hayden for leading me to Elijah Fox.
I gave a listen to Elijah Fox and really like his City in Sky Album. It’s more like ambient music or Classical Crossover.
Last year I have been listening to Stephen Moccio, Rodger Eno, Joep Beving, Pieter de Graaf, Dan Lambert, Ludovico Eionaudi, and Alexandra Streliski. Thanks to Scott I found out about Michel Camilo and always a big fan of Eliane Elias for her latin bossa nova style.
My goals this year in music is to become more adept to fine tuning my own style. It’s a crossbred of ambient, classical, with a latin twist. Learning to appreciate jazz more but my ears are mostly tuned into the simple sounds of waterfalls.
Happy New Year to All you Piano Groovers!

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Hi im new here, lots of cool stuff lots of information to digest. Been playing piano for a long time but joined to try to focus my practice and learn a new way aka jazz and improve.

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