Syncing iTunes and Spotify Library

Hi Hayden, I’m still using iTunes to download upload etc. I’ve always been an Apple guy. Since itunes is not really supported by Apple any longer I’m wondering about alternatives. Any thoughts?
I see lots of the community use Spotify to stream music. Will Spotify integrate with my iTunes library?

Hey @enhowland :wave:

Sorry for the late reply here.

Yes I highly recommend Spotify - I personally love the interface on both laptop and mobile and adding songs to playlist and organising my music is a breeze.

Yes there is an option to show your downloaded music with Spotify, please see the screenshot below for the steps to take.

All songs that you have downloaded in iTunes (which I believe is now called “My Music” App) will show in the folder “Local Files” as seen in the screenshot below.

You can then organise these songs into more descriptive playlists my clicking the 3 dot icon (…) on a particular song and then clicking “Add To Playlist”.

Let me know if that helps Eric.

Okay and thanks for your reply