What does Spotify say about you for 2021?

Apparently Spotify has done this for awhile but this is the first year I’ve noticed the “Wrapped” feature. Open the app, click on “Wrapped 2021”, and spend a few minutes learning about your listening habits for the last year. A few screenshots from mine are posted below; how about everyone else?

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That’s a fascinating breakdown. I open “Wrapped 2021” and all I get is a list of the songs. How did you get those graphics? What am I missing?

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Hi Scott,

It doesn’t work from the web based version, you have to be on the app (from a phone or ipad).

Click here:

Thanks @gregb!

Here’s what I found. It’s interesting, at least to me. What does it say about me? Take a look. Like you, I’d love to hear from others.