Songs that are a must for studying comping?

I thought it would be great if the teachers and experienced students here could help start a list of songs that are considered quintessential to study in terms of developing a firm grasp on comping and rhythm. Ideally any songs suggested would provide why the song is essential to study, what the listener should be focusing on and what skill level it would be considered. As the list grows we can organize it into beginner, intermediate and advanced if applicable.

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Large question…quintessential about technic, about variety about to be a good jazz player for jamming?
I imagine you are asking about a jazz main répertoire for jamming,but maybe i’m wrong. Please can you precise your demand.

Main different songs
In differents styles: blues, be-bop, ballads,bossa, salsa cuban …? Yes good idea @Aaron_R

I figured there would be go to recordings for all of the aspects you mentioned starting back to the earliest recordings to more modern works. All of what you mentioned should be considered as jazz musicians are ultimately called to play in many styles and formats.

I know for jazz guitar there are go to rhythms and song recordings that people sight to illustrate these various points. I can follow more basic patterns but tend to get lost in what players are thinking when there is so much variation happening in the left hand comping patterns. Maybe what I’m looking for is more of a masterclass in comping and rhythm that would start at the most basic level and progress in a sensible manner as the lessons get more complex.

I’m already making my own playlists based on comping alone to track tunes I want to study more in depth. Just thought some more experienced players or teachers might have some suggestions ie "You need to learn rhythm/technique/voicing “_____” and check out recording “____” for the perfect example of this.

Hi @Aaron_R,

My 2 cents…comping combines three different skill sets: voicings, accents (grace notes, chromatic/tonic approach), and, of course rhythm! Rather than a list of tunes I find/found it more helpful to work on those skills in the form of exercises that can then be applied to whatever tune you happen to be working on.

I’m sure those different elements are covered by Hayden and/or Tuomo in PG material; in addition you may want to check out the book Jazz Piano Fundamentals by Jeremy Siskind (who we’ve mentioned in the past). I’m attaching a couple pages from JPF1 that address the rhythm component of comping (I’m sure Jeremy won’t mind the free advertising, and hopefully Hayden won’t mind either!).

Hope this helps.
JPF1pg30-32.pdf (116.1 KB)


Thanks @gregb I will check that out.

And one more the importance of the top not in the voicing

Thanks. so i see more what you are looking now … @Tuomo have such a culture about jazz will be the man…look in the listening session already recorded with Tuomo

And as gregd says lot in the courses too

Lets see were it will go

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Picked up this book recommended by Siskand and is just the kind of thing I was looking for (hopefully it’s ok to share here!). Maybe some others might find it useful as well. I think this will help get me to the level where I can take advantage of the more advanced comping series here at PG.