Some new Bill Evans tune Requests

Not a regular poster on these forums and not sure if this is the right place so here goes…

I was listening to some Bill Evans this week. is it possible to have a tutorial on a couple of tracks I heard ideally in style of Bill Evans?

A House is not a Home - found a lead sheet online in F but id like to make it sound a bit richerJim Hall - I already play a version of this from a score but would be nice to see some reharmonizations?
And finally any chance of some more modern stuff - I was listening to Whirlpool by John Taylor recently. some wonderful tracks there.

One day I’ll get the time to listen and study properly!

many thanks


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Sorry something got deleted talong the way- Told you I don’t post much!

Second request was I hear a Rhapsody with Jim Hall.

Hi John :wave:

Yes this is the perfect place to post these requests and yes we can certainly cover “A House Is Not A Home”, I found the below recording on YouTube which is beautiful:

What is the second Bill Evans recording that you would like us to cover? Please post a YouTube URL if possible and I will add it to our upcoming lesson schedule.


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Thank you Hayden!
Yes that’s the version which I think is just wonderful. Gives me goosebumps!
The second request was for I Hear a Rhapsody. The version I’d listened to was with Jim Hall on the album Undercurrent. A slower version than some others. There’s also a trio version from his Live in Montreaux album which I havent listened to fully, only just discovered. Link below to Jim Hall version but my IT skills are definitely sub par so fingers crossed it works!

Many thanks


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