Simple bass backing tracks

I use I real pro for my metronome, but I just found this guy and he has live and EMOTIVE bass for many of the songs in our lessons. I asked him to do I fall in Love too easily and within a few hours he delivered, Love it! Check out his channel.


Wow this looks awesome Lori… what a great resource!

He has created this playlist containing all of his backing tracks:

I agree, whilst iRealPro is an invaluable tool, it doesn’t quite have the emotion of a real bass player!

I’ll take a proper look over them all later :sunglasses:

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Awesome - thanks for this heads-up :smiley:

Students may also create real tracks for acoustic bass using Band in a box. BIAB can prove to be a valuable learning tool especially if you do not have the luxury of having fellow musicians in your practice studio.


I’d like to learn more about BIAB.

I’ve always used the iRealPro but I’ve heard good things about BIAB also… I’ll have to check out their demo!

I used both and of course BIAB with realtracks is getting much more better sound . It is no more midi sound like old first version of biab which make me crazy , but real wave sound of instruments from real great players .
but not same price ! of course it can do much more than irealpro too ( recording midi wav, exporting the backing track in wav mp3, …)

both have their place , ireal pro is such easy to use and always in our poket ) but the sound are not as great

And this real bass backing track is cool and the playing and sound of Mrsunnybass is so cool, another game sure . Thanks @LoriNelson

I stick almost exclusively to iRealPro… similar reasoning to you Pierre, it’s just so easy to use and always in our pockets!

It’s also so easy to download and installing all the songs is a breeze.

I agree the sounds could be better though.