Band in a Box? Yay or Nay?

So, seeing as I don’t have my own band, using a ‘boxed’ band is my next best option!

I’m wondering whether anyone has any recent experience in using the Band in a Box (BIAB) software:, and particularly, in how you’d review it: recommend or not? When I do use backing tracks, I tend to use the ones in iReal Pro, but while they’re pretty good (well, many of them - IMO some of the add-on Blues styles are pretty awful), their styles are limited to say the least.

I did search on here to find out that some had commented last year on BIAB: Simple bass backing tracks, but any more comments or experience would be good to have before I take the plunge.

Thank you Pianogroovers! :smiley: :point_right:

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I use the iReal Pro on an iPad that is so simple and gives me bass, drums and guitar (on some of the styles).
I had a friend that had the band in a box software, It was too cumbersome to use, steep learning curve, and glitchy.

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I must admit I’m also an iRealPro fan, mainly for the simplicity of the interface.

Another thing I like about iRealPro is the “Share audio” feature which allows me to export the backing track:

Does BIAB have the ability to export the track? It would be interesting to export the same song with the same settings and hear them side-by-side.

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Sounds like a really good comparison Hayden. If I do go for it I’ll give that a go :face_with_monocle:

Thanks Michael. :+1:

I agree - BIAB is Windows-based so is perhaps not so user-friendly simply for that reason (and I say that as a primarily Windows user).

Interesting you mention about learning curve: their website has to take the prize for the worst designed website ever - it literally throws a ton of badly presented information about functionality at you right from first glance. I have no idea where to start! I’ll have another look though.


I’ve read some fairly bad reviews about BIAB, but then you can’t trust all reviews. You might take a look in another thread here on PianoGroove. A new member talked about using AnyTune Pro in a thread aptly named AnyTune Pro. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:I thought of it as only a transcription tool, but David (I believe is his name) spoke of creating practice playlists from music in his library and playing along with them. And the good thing is that you can slow them down to learn them as well. I have the software but have yet to try it out, Not sure if there’s a Windows version.

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Hello James

I use both ; and really i wouldnt compare Band in a box with IReal pro

Biab is really a great backing track player … it has really a tone of different styles from funk to rock pop folk fusion latin … (and of course jazz ) , and now with the use of Realtracks this are real instrument and phrasing that we are hearing and the result is pretty amazing … iRealpro is more a quick and affordable tool for having a quick and effective backing track .

Not same category and not same price … if your interesting about Biab a real good deal is waiting the christmas time where price are really low.

if you have any specific question about band in a box ask me . I use it for years

(For me Anytune is more to compare with Transcribe! completely other application software)

the real question to ask you is really what you are looking for this app to do with.

ps oops but we have already a discussion in another post about it

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Of course you can export the backingtrack created in Biab
in audio wav mp3 and even midi

Thanks Scott. Yes, I have read that thread, but that’s not what I’m anticipating doing - it’s to be able to create, edit and have backing tracks.

Interestingly, I don’t really rate Anytune Pro - it has some features useful for transcribing but no timeline (though the sections facility is good, and the ‘step up’ trainer is really handy) and I find it quite clunky. I find myself coming back every time to Capo if I want an iOS app to help me transcribe. Ideally, there would be an app that combines best features of both, but that’s another story! :point_right:

Thanks Pierre. I agree with you on both points - they don’t compare and Anytune is a transcribing app.

Yep, I’m looking to create, edit and use the backing tracks. I’m happy that I know what it does, my question was more whether folks here rated it - and it sounds like you do! :+1:

Mind you, like I mentioned above - their website is truly awful. They really need to simplify their design and how they present the app! :dizzy_face:

But that’s just a minor moan.