Sharing new Spotify Wrapped info

Last December 21, @gregb introduced us to Spotify’s “Wrapped” feature. It’s now available for 2022.

I just checked my stats for this year. I was surprised by how much I’d listened to
João Donato’s Sambolero (2005) which won the Latin Grammy for Best Latin Jazz Album at the 11th Latin Grammy Awards.

I was thinking it might be fun to share our listings in top song, top artists, and the new category "Listening Personality."

At any rate, here are mine. Click on the image to read. :musical_keyboard:


Thanks for getting this started, @scott1

This year I think we REALLY need to see what Hayden and Tuomo listened to!

Here’s my top 10–a mix of bebop and modern. For the latter, I’ve spent a lot of time listening to and learning Stick-To-it-iveness from Russell Ferrante (of Yellowjackets fame) and Sometimes I Wander (a “perpetual motion” etude from Jeremy Siskind). Will share my versions when they are slightly more polished.

Happy Wrapping!


I couldn’t find my listening personality–probably because I don’t have one.


Nice idea @scott1 - here are a couple of screenshots from my Wrapped breakdown.

Here’s the record which I most listened to in 2022. I believe the genre is “Jazzy Hip Hop”. I really like the horn solo on this particular record which starts at 1m52s:

The full album has some other groovy numbers like this one :sunglasses:


Uploading my own too. Not all jazzy and my kid took control of my spotify so the most listened to songs are hers :sweat_smile:. I had a huge Beegie phase around mid year, hence why she was top artist, beating Bill Evans Trio.

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