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Hey Kristeta,

Good to see you back. Thanks for sharing your version of “Georgia”–sounds great! You’ve made a lot of progress since you first shared your playing some time ago.

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Hi Greg. I just returned after some months offline attending to other things. I loved your “without a song”. It was brilliant! And the “Ascension.” You have a fluent and lyrical style of improvisation that is a pleasure to listen to. And your comments and contributions are always so helpful. Great playing!


@George_Miller, great to hear from you and glad you’re back online!

Look forward to hearing (and seeing!) some of your musical contributions. Check out the community challenge; I’m trying to figure out how to come up with a novel approach to Misty (it’s hard).


Nice playing Kristeta. I enjoyed your “Georgia”. You’ve developed a nice fluency to your playing. People sometimes forget that the piano is also a rhythm instrument and you paid a lot of attention to the rhythmic aspect of the piece. It flowed very nicely because of that.

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Hi @John_A Thanks very much! Glad you enjoyed it. Yes I really like the embellishments too. All credits to Hayden’s beautiful arrangement :star_struck: and up to this day, I am working on how to achieve the ‘feels’ in the piece :grin: Hope you are well. Cheers!

btw @John_A - I just listened to your version of Autumn Leaves - another of my favourites! Yay. I was all smiles - Great touch btw! You played it so well. ! What was the piano you used when playing this song? I love the sound of your piano. :blush:

Hello @scott1 Thank you, Means a lot! I always found myself staring at this piece the whole year haha :grin: wondering when I would be able to at least play it in full - and finally somehow, getting there - am still listening to various versions so I can slowly work on the improv or my additions to it… Thank you again and hope you are well.

Hey how are you @George_Miller Thank you! It’s very interesting you mentioned that,… It is a great reminder. Honestly I probably was first hooked into the melodies, yet during the time I was learning it - you were right - I somehow focused on the various rhythms that went with the melodies … which btw did not fail to get my fingers tangled up :grin: (several times and still do) especially on the embellishments whew! I was probably practicing each embellishment way more than a 100x :blush: It was worth it . Hope you and your family are well. Regards.

@George_Miller *btw Your video for When I fall in love - was so ‘emotive’. Fully enjoyed it. :star_struck: Also one of my favourite pieces to play. Your fills and transitions I like how you fill the spaces / in betweens, then - the ending blew me away. Will definitely take me - - years to play like that haha. Tastefully played!


hi Paul. … very sorry to hear about the surgery. Wow it’s great to hear you are slowly playing again, :smiling_face: Take care . Hope you keep us posted. Praying for your full recovery. Regards.

Wow @gregb - these are really fun to listen to. I am in awe of your beautiful improvisations. :star_struck: That was SO good!!!

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Hello Piano Groovers!

I wanted to share an arrangement I’ve been working on for the song Some Other Time from the musical On The Town, made popular in the jazz community by the great Bill Evans.

The arrangement itself took inspiration from Bills versions of the song (partly due because the lead sheet from the Fake Book is also based on his versions). l, however omitted his intro and decided to go with the first verse of the original score as I thought was much more interesting to play over. I also took inspiration from some of the solo piano arrangements created by @Tuomo in the advanced lesson module of the same name but also did a lot of experimentation with voicings and went with my gut with what I believe sounded good and not necessarily use only voicings I’ve learned in theory.

Although initially I was at a block as to to how I would even begin to approach the tune, I garnered a lot of confidence after working on it for a few months and I could say that I’m pretty content with how this turned out considering It’s the first song I arrange that hasn’t been covered here in PG (at least as far as I know).

Feedback is welcome and I appreciate everything I’ve learned from @Hayden, @Tuomo, @Jovino and the rest of the PG teachers and members as well. Thanks again and Happy Holidays! :grin:

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Nice interpretation, Jose! I would suggest expanding the time even more, because this is a very introspective, melancholic tune. You can even add some more sustain pedal to glue the phrases together.
Thanks for sharing. Happy holidays!

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Thank you @Jovino. Your lesson on being non redundant with voicings played a huge factor on how I arranged this tune. I still need to work on efficiently using the pedal without sounding too muddy, especially on those Barry Harris voicings :sweat_smile: Thanks again!

That was terrific, @jose2!

It’s one of my favorite Bill Evans tunes, and I think you did a great job coming up with some Evanesque voicings. I also liked the section midway through where you switched into a slow but steady ballad rhythm using the Peace piece style of comping.

Happy holidays!

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Thanks for the feedback @gregb! Funny enough, the Peace Piece-ish part was a last minute addition I added since I was watching @Hayden Cocktail improv video on stride and thought I could apply it somewhere in this arrangement :sweat_smile: Happy Holidays as well!


Sounding great! I really like the verse, your voicings, as well as the overall mood. Have you given any thought on improvising over the changes? Or you can also take the first chords of the A section and do improv over that.


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Thanks @Tuomo ! I sure have. However, I do admit I have trouble trying to improvise on tunes with this sort of mood but I can definitely work on it and post an updated recording. It will take me a few months though lol. Thanks again!

Hey PGers, I would appreciate any advice/feedback you might have on an “audition/placement” recording I made for the Stanford Jazz Workshop this summer. They provided a backing track and leadsheet for Cedar Walton’s “Fantasy in D”. I’ve sort of reached the point of diminishing returns but if your feedback suggests I need to spend more time in the shed I will do so!




Excellent job greg! Really complemented that backing track super well!

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Sounds great. Good luck with your summer project.

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Sounding awesome @gregb and I’m sure soloing in the key of D Major has its challenges!

Your improv sounds great and works nicely with the backing track as Jose mentioned.

Thanks for sharing and good luck with the workshop!

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Great job as always !! :sunglasses:

only on the improvisation I feel and hear your stress, less move of dynamics and to my taste a bit too “scalar” sounding , maybe a good idea to play more around some triads to avoid this, and to give you more freedom, so we find again your own great style and sound …only says that because we know your talent as pianist player Your all prestation is great and cool, and so much above my playing capacity

thanks for sharing

ps Standford jazzworkshop for adults , is selective because limited place i imagine. good luck Greg but im pretty sure you will be choosen.

ps2 i finally come back to music and find a quartet with a singer . My first quartet with myself as pianist . so i hope soon sharing some of our stuff too …pretty exciting

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@jose2 @Hayden @Pierrot
Thanks so much, Pierre, Hayden, and Jose! Very much appreciated, especially the constructive criticism from Pierre (we need more of that). Pierre I’ll look forward to hearing your quartet–I’m jealous, because where I live it’s hard to find people to play with.

P.S. The Stanford workshop can’t be too selective because they accepted me earlier today. Hayden and Tuomo deserve all the credit!