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Thanks so much, Pierre, Hayden, and Jose! Very much appreciated, especially the constructive criticism from Pierre (we need more of that). Pierre I’ll look forward to hearing your quartet–I’m jealous, because where I live it’s hard to find people to play with.

P.S. The Stanford workshop can’t be too selective because they accepted me earlier today. Hayden and Tuomo deserve all the credit!


@gregb great job as always!

Ugetsu is a difficult song, with interesting and challenging harmony and a bit unusual form.

This is definitely a song we could talk for a long time; it has modal sections, as well as some tonal movements, which are common in Cedar Walton’s compositions.

Just curious, when you have a moment, can you do another take where you just play with your right hand and don’t comp on the left? This is an exercise I find helpful when dealing with difficult changes; it gives me more focus on the melodies, and later on left hand is easy to add to it.

In general, great work as always!


Thanks so much, Tuomo! I’ll try some RH-only practice for awhile–seems like a great suggestion in general.

For anyone who’s interested, there’s a few versions of this tune available but the one I liked the best is a version from Cedar Walton’s Trio Vol 3 album:


Hi everyone :wave:

Here’s a little preview for my seminar later this week where we will be working on the tune “The Nearness Of You”:

I’m also working on a new cocktail piano course using this tune which will cover both harmony and improvisation.

The seminar on Wednesday will be harmony focused - hope to see you there!


It’s been awhile since I’ve shared anything in this thread…

This is a version of Spring can really hang you up the most that I’ve been working on as an exercise–the assignment is to apply the “Peace piece” comping pattern to a ballad of one’s choice. It’s a work in progress and a little bit off the beaten track of my usual fare. I’ll be interested in any feedback/advice/comments.

As mentioned in another thread, this is recorded with a Garritan CFX VST, which I think works well for ballads.

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It sounds awesome @gregb - I’m always impressed by how clean your pedal work is.

The approach tones that you add into the bass are really nice too and add some interest into the lower registers.