Seattle Jazz Clubs & Jazz Jam Nights

Hi Hayden,

Which local jazz spots and jazz players do you recommend in Washington state (Seattle in particular?).



Hey SJ :wave:

Yes Seattle has some great jazz clubs and jam nights. Let me share some of my insights here:

I’d recommend signing up to the mailing list of Jovino - our Brazilian Piano Expert here at PianoGroove. You can join his mailing list by filling out the contact form on his website: . Jovino sends out regular updates on his shows in the Seattle area and they are always worth attending.

Now, onto some of my favourite jazz spots in Seattle, I’ve grouped them by category. This is by no means an exhaustive list but simply some of the places I’ve enjoyed whilst I’ve been in town.

Firstly, Here’s a couple of jazz clubs I like:

Vito’s Seattle -

My favourite jazz club in Seattle is Vito’s, which is just off Madison Street at the bottom of Capitol Hill.

I like that there is no cover, the vibe is relaxed, and reasonable priced drinks and food.

Overall, a really nice jazz venue with an old-school speakeasy feel. A great place to start or end a night as it’s also open late.

Tula’s Seattle -

From my experience, Tula’s has a more prestigious image, and this is where you will see the biggest name local artists, and also touring artists tend to stop here to perform.

Tula’s is located in Belltown which is very central and easy to find. It’s a little more expensive that Vito’s but you will always be watching ‘top shelf’ jazz performances there.

Overall I prefer Vito’s for the vibe and the ambiance, but that’s just my opinion. :grinning:

Seamonster Lounge -

Okay so this place isn’t a jazz club, more funk/soul vibes. A really cool spot though with amazing live funk music on Fridays and Saturdays.

It’s located in Wallingford which is 10/15 minute drive away from the centre of Seattle.

A very lively spot with a dance-floor too if that’s what you’re looking for.

Next onto Jazz Jams

I’m sure there’s many others, but these are a couple that I have enjoyed:

Capitol Cider Monday Jam -

A must visit is the Monday Night Jam at Capitol Cider which is right in the centre of Capitol Hill. The house band is great and they have other prominent musicians who host the jam each week.

The house band plays an hour set and then the jam opens up to any musicians in the crowd. There’s always a good attendance so you will see lots of great live music.

The vibe and ambiance is awesome, always very lively. Highly recommended.

Beaver Sessions -

The Beaver Sessions are an open jazz jam hosted by drummer Max Holmberg every Sunday night at the Angry Beaver in Greenwood (8412 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103). A rotating cast of musicians plays a house set starting around 9, with the session starting a little after 10.

Check the Facebook page for more news!

I will continue to add to this thread and anyone else from the Washington Area share your favourite jazz haunts in the area.


Hi SJ,

I’m not from Seattle but I’ve been there quite a lot on business recently.

The Owl N Thistle usually has a great Jam session onTuesday evenings starting around 10pm

The house band often has the fantastic Eric Verlinde on piano, you can see him in action here:


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Hey SJ,

I’m also in the Seattle area. If you’d like to check out some events together, I’d be happy to ping you a message.


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Awesome - so we have a lot of Pacific North Westerners here at PianoGroove!

@Jovino 's shows are always great to attend… His quinteto is awesome with the piano and vibraphone combination. Highly recommended.

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