Roland is celebrating it's 50th anniversary

Here’s something that might be interesting for some of you. Roland is celebrating its 50th anniversary and has created a 50-year timeline of its products. For each decade, along with the products, it offers examples of the musicians who were using them. At any rate, I found it fun to see what progress has been made over the years. Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:

Roland - Roland 50th Anniversary - 1970sRUS


Nice find @scott1 - my favourite keyboards!

I semi recently upgraded to the Roland RD-88 which I love. My first digital piano was the RD800 which had a lovely touch but weighed a tonne, required external speakers, and was very difficult to move around and take up and down the stairs.

Being on the road regularly before COVID, I then went to the other end of the spectrum with the FP-50 which was great to travel with due to its light weight build, but it was a little lacking in touch, sounds, and other features.

I find the RD-88 to be a happy medium between the two models. It’s very compact - see photo below - as the back of the piano is only a few inches long but also equipped with a great set of onboard sounds, effects, and a very powerful in-built speaker.

I’m in no way affiliated with Roland but I highly recommend the RD-88 for an all around great keyboard that won’t break the bank - or your back whilst on the move :grin:

Roland RD-88 promo video:

My RD-88:

Happy Birthday Roland!

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