RIP: João Donato (1934-2023)

Donato died on July 17th at 88.

Alexandre Carvalho dos Santos wrote, “I recommend a João Donato gig not only to someone who is interested in first-class music, an impressive pianist and a selection of historic compositions. I recommend it to anyone who needs an anti-depressive, an acupuncture session or any other form of deep relaxation. I had my dose on a Sunday evening, from a show in São Paulo. Perfect timing to start a week believing that happiness exists, in spite of your boss”. In 2010, Sambolero, credited to the João Donato Trio, earned the Latin Grammy for Best Latin Jazz Album at the 10th Latin Grammy Awards . [3] In the same year, he was one of the recipients of the Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award . [4]

You can easily find his music on Spotify, and a number of his full albums are also available on YouTube. Since I spent a lot of time listening to him in 2022, I just thought I’d share a couple of tunes. Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:

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