Rick Beato Interviews Keith Jarrett

Jarrett is one of my favorite pianists due to his unmatched improvisational skills (as Miles called it, “playing from nothing”) and blends of classical, blues, and gospel elements in his performances. I really enjoyed this fresh interview with music YouTuber Rick Beato reflecting on his style, records, and performances. Jarrett has had a couple of strokes that have left him without the use of his left hand, but of course he can still produce some beautiful music with just his right hand, as he does here. Worth a watch.


Spectacular interview. Thanks for sharing! Especially enjoyed performance of Solar. What an amazing man. His blend of styles and improvisational abilities are truly inspiring. I don’t think he looked at his hands once during the Solar performance. Incredible!!

Yes! Was going to post this myself. Thanks for posting. Rick Beato has a lot of good content on his youtube channel. As an interviewer He knows what questions to ask then just sits and listens and lets the person talk. His Pat Metheny interview is terrific as well.