Recommendations for Jazz transcriptions?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a source of jazz transcriptions similar to the excellent ones that Hayden has on this site? Sometimes I just want to be lazy and see ‘on paper’ what someone with more experience than me might play. The Jazzy Christmas transcriptions are an excellent example. I belong to a subscription reading internet service called “Scribd” which gives me access to lots o reading material including sheet music books. It would be a bonus if someone is familiar with that as a source for transcribed music.

Thanks very Much,
Jim Lee

Hey Jim,

Scribd is a brilliant resource and I have used it extensively in the past to access music in many different types of genres.

Here’s the link for other students:

What I like about Scribd is that there is also music theory books available in their library. They have partnered with some of the music theory publishers and so you can also download full studies on particular genres, or specific areas of jazz piano for example.

I like their flat, ‘all you can eat’ pricing structure too. A simple monthly fee gives you access to everything. Similar to PianoGroove.

Another site that springs to mind for high quality transcriptions is Musicnotes.

Here’s their jazz piano category:

They have an app which allows you to sync your transcriptions across all devices.

You can also choose to change the key I believe, so for example, if you like an arrangement, and want to see the chords and voicings in a different key, you can do this with the flick of a button.

Hope this helps!

And google with magic words " piano transcription songname " can give you even much more :slight_smile: good luck

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