Problem with Jovino’s latest seminar

On entering It says:

Page not found
The embed code for this chat is not valid

Thanks for letting me know @scott1

I have fixed that now and also added the light-up keyboard:

I will add the chapter markings shortly.

Thanks @Hayden! I know there’s usually a delay in getting the chapter markings, but normally there’s at least a page there, not the error message. That’s why I wrote.

Yes I’m not sure what the issue was but I updated the video and all working fine now.

I’m planning out October seminar dates and I’ll ask Jovino to do a session on 3:2 and 2:3 clave in Brazilian rhythms, as requested :sunglasses:

The links to the recording of the class do not work

Hi @steve6 :wave:

Which links are you referring to?

The seminar link above in this thread is working fine for me:

Perhaps you are referring to Tuomo’s classroom links, in which case you must watch them in the classroom section of the forum here:

Click into the classroom section above, then click into the classroom that you are part of, and you will see the video embeds of previous classrooms sessions.

If you tried to click the blue links in the email, they will not load. The reason is that the classroom recordings can only be viewed in the forum area by enrolled students, so you must be logged into the PianoGroove website to rewatch them.

When you receive the forum update email, you will see a blue button at the bottom that says “View Topic” … always click that button and not the actual links in the email. Screenshot below.

The video URLs will not load the video outside of the PianoGroove forum.

Let me know if I can help further :sunglasses:

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