Practice options while travelling

Some time ago, there was a thread about how to maintain your practice while travelling for an extended vacation or for whatever reason you might be away from your regular piano. One of the options was the Piano de Voyage.

I came across a video posted on Saturday, so I thought I’d share. I’m not sure it’s the perfect solution–and it’s pricey–but it certainly seems like a MIDI controller that would allow you to travel and still have access to a workable 88-key practice keyboard.

It’s lightweight, has 88 velocity-sensitive semi-weighted keys, full MIDI functionality with knobs and supports a sustain pedal, weighs just around 10lbs and it fits into a backpack.

Hope this is helpful. :musical_keyboard:


Thanks for sharing, Scott!

Two comments:

  1. My traveling solution that I use all the time is a Studiologic SL73 Midi keyboard plus a pelican-like case. Total weighs about 48 pounds, it works great, and now has been on close to 20 airplane flights as checked baggage with no problems. Only downside is that the pelican case is the same one used for long guns, so I always have to explain to the gate agent that it’s a musical instrument not a weapon.

  2. Personal opinion–I think Noah Kellman’s gear reviews are better than his tutorials.

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