PIerre practice routine in video, challenges

I moved @LoriNelson’s awesome performance into the student performance thread, as to keep this thread focused on @Pierrot’s practice routines.


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Already a month without sharing

My "straight no chaser " is ok but not sastifying me … need to share a version though :blush:

So this week i begin Oleo
exercice ust on dominant

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Right now I’m focusing on quartal voicings and rootless LH voicings on songs I can play as a ballad but actually lack real understanding… Stella and I fall in Love too easily.
I had been able to play the ballad, but really didn’t know the chords and so I’m studying the chords and rootless LH.
I am listening to Chet Baker and. Miles Davis (but actually REALLY listening to the simple comping behind them on piano)

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Hi Lori, Pierre, Hayden. I want to join the practice group / document my own practice and progress. Would this thread be a good place? I plan to make a tumblr with a video of practice and some notes every time I sit down, and then maybe make weekly reports. I don’t want to impinge on your space :slight_smile:

Cheers, manuel

Hey Manuel ! Welcome to our (amazing) community !

I don’t know about that but, you can post yours challenges right here:



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Welcome to our community Manuel!

I think it’s a great idea to document your practice and progress with tumblr and post updates here in the forum.

You can find PDF practice planners here for inspiration. There will be more PDF plans coming shortly for the other courses on the site.

We can follow the plans exactly, or just use them as a rough outline and devise with our own exercises and drills.

If I can help you with anything just let me know.


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Thanks Hayden. I am totally using your practice plans, actually pretty much to a T. I do often spend way more time than the recommended 5 minutes just because I am exploring things.

That’s great Manuel.

The 5 minutes is just a suggested time so feel free to do what works best for you.

The most important thing is that we visit different theory areas in 1 sitting, and not just spend the whole time on 1 exercise. That’s what I was told by many teachers and musicians… “break our practice time into small chunks so we can cover lots of different topics”.

Have fun exploring the lessons and theory :+1: :grinning:

OH i love this song cant stop hearing it … my transcription is going for it

and for seeing Michel in action


Very beautiful arrangement. Kawai mp7 ? Jealous Pierre. I hope to be able to play the major and minor 251ś within the next few months. In Ecuador for the month at a beach house. Study lessons on rootless 251 each day but no keyboard to play on. Visualize keyboard in my mind and how each chord is played. I hope this helps me
Thanks for posting.
Dr. Dean

Thanks for sharing, Pierre. I’ve always enjoyed Petrucciani’s playing, but I don’t recall this particular song. Very nice.

@dr1 sure to understand which arrangement you talk about ?

For your father. Like the practice exercises 251.

Oh it was so long ago … thks ! yes it was done with the kawai mp7

I have lost my plan … but stilll on the journey
those Colors from Petrucciani haunting me too much

So i lost myself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: in this song … transcribing as much as i can …now 1 month on it

hopefully soon be able to record some part

arg … :thinking: no more plan of practice for a long period now …

I really need to calm me down :exploding_head: and play less new songs :slight_smile:

my plan seems not adapted to me i have to find another way

So being more realistic:

  1. big lacks are time placing so i have to incorporate exercice for it everyday even few minutes

  2. second goal of the month will be to play target notes in my improvisation , for the moment playing them is not enough focused and enclosure is not fluent at all

  3. third and last will be to work on motivic development

AND incorporate this in my old songs

now i have to find specific exercice for each goal

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Wish you good luck ! :wink:

Nice goals Pierre.

For time placing, check out Tuomo’s lesson on “how to practice time”:

Perhaps spend 15 minutes per day following those exercises.

I’m also guilty on focusing on too many tunes and moving on too quickly.

When working on my improvisation, I now spend more time on a smaller number of tunes and I find this to be effective.

I think that listening to jazz blues recordings is great for these goals. Particularly for working on motivic development. Each 12 bar chorus gives us the opportunity to create a new motif, and develop it for the whole 12 bars.

After playing many jazz standards, I realised I hadn’t spent enough time listening to the blues… which is where it all began!

Good luck and enjoy practicing this stuff :+1:

thks a lot for your guidance @Hayden and support @Guillaume!

will try to record myself again

  1. combine lightly things thinking about scales and timing , comping chords and timing and some exercices on 16th with claping i have learn for the getting funky bass line

  2. and yes the blues will be the begining for target note and the motivic development thks !