Piano keyboard for travelling

!! @Lyndol why havent you give me the right model first :upside_down_face:
With those old models (2008) you cant do split on the fly ,you need to edit it manually.

and with the editor you can even add others sound too

a quick search on youtube …

heres the link for the editor https://www.nordkeyboards.com/software-tools/nord-sample-editor

and no bass sound in the eletro nord 3 so you need to take it from the library here Acoustic Guitars | Nord Keyboards

it will take you time to do it … but it seems possible if you are ready to sweat :wink:

if you have pb with it ask me

good luck

Oh nice thread! I’ve been looking for a tiny 2-3 octave midi keyboard to sit near my computer but figure I also want something that can work by itself with headphones and power either from usb or batteries. That akai MPK mini play is at the top of my list so far.

These iRig’s look really interesting. But I don’t think they can produce sound without being connected to a phone/tablet/pc despite having a headphone out jack. But is it really that hard to plug in a phone?


more at their site. The Irig Keys 2 looks good (mini and full size key version, 37 keys)

Nahre Sol (youtuber) uses one of these:
Yamaha REFACE CP Portable Electric Piano and Vintage Keyboard Sound Engine, Synthesizer

synth (128-note polyphony) batteries. headphones. 3 octaves.
You can see her using it in often, here’s one (this is using an external looper)

Looks like fun. But climbing up on price.

sorry to you 88 desiring folk :slight_smile:

hey Brett

I am not a big fan of the Irig2 i tested it , and the keys dont feel very sensitive to me .
If you can afford and the size is ok for you, the Reface its the best one for sure. In between theres 3 differents Reface for different sounds CP CS and DX

Price isn’t the issue here, not in this range anyway. Initially I just wanted something nearby that made it easier to enter notes into my computer. But there are some very cheap options for that.

But then seeing the option for portable playing around made things more complicated! That MPK mini play suits the first need easily, but 2 octaves for playing around ugh.

Now that you pointed out the CP/CS/DX I’m having choice anxiety. Need to go find a store so I can play around with different ones :slight_smile:

@marc421812 has just received a https://pianodevoyage.com/

He posted in this thread: New model from Roland

Interested on your first impressions Marc!

  • I was searching for a correct keyboard to take with me duiring travel that fits in a bag for the plane…3 to 4 kg.
  • electric energy coming from where it is connected (iphone-ipad-computor…)

=> so that’s perfect

  • I wanted to have a very good sound : thats perfect using a good app (grandpiano etc) or computer piateq or something else

  • the touch is of course too light but the same as things from Roland (gopiano etc) but not so bad

  • this doesn’t replace a steinway))) but the purpose is different :

  • preparation work before having access to a real good piano (praticing quite slowly and very precisely)

  • learning theorically a piece (how it is written, deciding choices and so on, work on finger memory…on relaxation/tension…)

so, of course, this not replace a real piano, but it is a marvelous way for a preparation work with good sound and acceptable touch.

This is not a tool to make progress in velocity but for extreme research in precision preparation work while traveling.

then… when you have access to a real good piano, you just have to work on other specific points (more demanding “sport for fingers”, velocity, physical or mind tension from a normal piano")

I thing it is perfect also to learn harmony.

so… a really good tool for travel

@marc421812 Wow ! you snapped and bought this “piano de voyage” ! Seems really cool :sunglasses:

Can you tell us a bit more about sensitivity and compare the touch feel with CME .

You will be one of the first commenting this rare piano Cool to have you here !


I already explained, but it is 1000% better than cme (i had it)
touch is a little bit better than Roland Go Piano and is enough to work correctly during travels

if 4 modules : 96 notes
1 kg by module
correct touch
3 modules are enough

I just received it : will be good for travel

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Looks quite good. Can you tell us something more about it? What brand is it?

but the guy don’t produce much, he will in next years :wink:
it is perfect to travel, far enough to study before having a real piano.
it works with iphone, ipad and computors.
if you connect it to a good sound (grand piano… pianoteq etc…) it is quite good.
touch is not heavy but, honestly, it is good enough to work as complementary.

Thanks Marc! I’ve been using CME Xkeys (25 and 37 key). They’re not bad, but the keys aren’t quite to size.

I had also CmE but, what I showed is 1000% better

Good to know, thanks! Do you know how the Piano de Voyage works as a MIDI controller?

yes, it works a midi keybord so you can connect it to whatever you want

This looks great Marc!

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I ask for prices so the piano de voyage 880 euros for 72 keys . But it is a small production so can be understandable it is still so expensive.

the size of the keys are same than an acoustic piano
3.5 kg for 72 keys


Have fun Marc !


For those who may still be interested in the Piano de Voyage–or maybe weren’t around when this thread went dormant about 11 months ago. Here’s the latest from an email I received, with the current prices and projected approximate delivery dates. I included the video referenced below to show it in action. Also, there’s a video showing how you put it together. Interesting. I kind of like this, but any real travel doesn’t seem to be on the books in the near future. :sunglasses:

Here are the links. (Apparently they didn’t show up on the copy.)


2020 was (and is still) a crazy year!
Covid-19 forced us to review our production plans. This took us an amazing amount of time and energy but we finally landed with a new improved model of the Piano de Voyage.

I am thrilled to announce the opening of the pre-orders for this new version of the Piano de Voyage keyboard!
The Piano de Voyage is now available in a limited quantity for pre-order.

The Piano de Voyage comes in packs of 1 to 4 modules (25, 49, 73 or 97 keys). Connector module is USB/MIDI + sustain pedal input + some extra MIDI controls.

All orders will be shipped on a first-come first-served basis.
Worldwide shipping is now free for all packs.
Expected lead time is 3 months.

Piano de Voyage is made in France.
Available quantities are very limited, so order yours today and don’t miss this opportunity to get this unique travel keyboard!

For more details :
View our updated website
Watch a video of Yulia playing the Piano de Voyage
Vists our online shop to pre-order your keyboard

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Here’s another foldable keyboard but not sure of the quality

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Hi! I’m Ric. I’m looking for a mini Keyboard but with a hammer action mechanism. I’d like to have it for exercise my fingers. Someone knows if there are anything?