PDF resources for the Live Seminars?

I just watched Tuomo’s Live Seminar on using the metronome. He mentioned information apparently sent to those who enrolled in the seminar. Are those resources, or any others related to all the other Live Seminars, available? I looked around the site and couldn’t find anything. Maybe I’m just missing something.

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Hi Scott :wave:

We do indeed have a download section on each seminar page. It’s called the “Seminar Resources” and it’s in the bottom right of the screen, see here for Tuomo’s live seminar that you are referring to:

This section is broken into 3 categories:

  • PDF Downloads
  • Related Lessons
  • Related Forum Threads

There is a limit of 2 items that show for each category, and if there are more files/links in any of the categories, a “View All Resources” button appears underneath, see this seminar page as an example:

and if we click the button the full pop up appears with all related links and lessons:

Finally, there may be some seminar pages that don’t have downloads/related lessons, but I’m pretty sure most of them do.

I’m a little behind with seminar chaptering, I still need to add chapters to the last 7 or so seminars which is on my to-do list.

Thanks, Hayden!

I knew it had to be there; I just didn’t think to scroll down past the comments.


I will chat to the website guys and see if they have any ideas to make it more visible.

Perhaps we could add a button which automatically scrolls down to the Downloads and Links. Leave it with me.

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Dear Hayden

Am a little confused (sorry for this other topic) where I can find the dates for the live seminars, I have missed out on a few and am so disappointed - though I know we can still watch them from the archive links?

Apart from the emails, sorry for asking again if this was asked before, where can I pls find the schedules? Thank You so much and Hope you re well :heart:

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Hi Kristeta,

If you are in the community section, you need to click on the PianoGroove name at the far left. It will bring up the option to look at Live Seminars.

Once you select it, you will see all of the upcoming seminars and you can click on the one that interest you and register.

Hope this helps.


I’m very well thanks @Kristeta - thanks for asking :slight_smile:

I have a solution… from now on, at the start of each month I will add all of the month’s seminars to the Live Seminar Archive page that @celia highlighted above.

You can see in the screenshot above that the upcoming have a white “Upcoming” label to differentiate them from the archived seminars. If everyone checks the seminar archives at the start of each month we can add all seminar dates to our calendars at once :sunglasses:

I have already added 4 of February’s seminars, we have another 2 scheduled which I will add shortly.

Also Davell our new Gospel teacher is due to do his first live seminar in February but the date yet to be confirmed. We would like it to correspond with the launch of his course which I am currently editing. I’ve finished 6 of the 10 lessons so almost there and then I need to prepare the downloads and create the lesson pages with text and chapters etc…

Hopefully next week the course will be published.

I can look into a calendar but it might over complicate things and so I think the simplest solution is for everyone to get into the habit of checking the Seminar Archives at the start of each month and I will ensure the month’s seminars are already added as “Upcoming”.

Cheers and hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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I still need to update the header/navigation in the forum, as “Live Seminars” doesn’t show as it does on the main website - I will get this done asap as I admit it’s a little confusing.

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@celia Thank You so much! That was a big help :heart_eyes: I did try now and it worked yipeeee! Take care. :blush:

@Hayden - Hello! Thanks very much! I think I found my issue now - I normally keep myself signed in so when I click on PianoGroove, it will simply pop up my screen, however, recently it is always still asking me to sign in or be a member :grin: and when I clicked earlier on Pro Dashboard, that was when I saw that I was signed in and able to see to live seminars - :heart: am so happy!!!

Thanks very much again and I think am all sorted now haha! so excited for the upcoming seminars. Take care :blush:

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