Other music instruments you are able to play

Hi Everyone,

Thought it might be a good idea to share with everyone what other music instruments you are playing besides the Piano of course :slight_smile:.

Personally I can only play the piano but lately I’m thinking to start playing on a different music instrument, I thought about buying a Bansori flute (Indian flute) and see how it goes for me cause I like the ethnic vibe and sound.

If anyone had played just the piano and started a new instrument I would like to hear what you would recommend to play as a second music instrument.


I’ve always wanted to play the trumpet Ariel, but I’m yet to take the dive. I’m hoping that my jazz piano knowledge and love of Chet Baker will make it easier to learn jazz trumpet from scratch.

I played the trombone for a year or so when I was in school, but I stopped as it wasn’t the coolest instrument to carry on the bus :grin:

I also played the Ukulele on and off for a few years in my late teens, I always liked this song and learnt a much simpler version:


Hi Hayden,

One of my best friends plays the trumpet - I tried a few times and I must say I think it is one of the most difficult instruments to play, even just making one steady note is really really hard. But yes, trumpet is probably one of the most mysterious musical instruments for sure and It’s probably a big satisfaction for people who play it.

That’s great to know Ariel.

I learnt a little about the importance of mouth shape/embouchure when playing trombone so I was hoping to be able to apply this basic knowledge to the trumpet. I have no immediate desire to get started but certainly something I’d like to persue at some point.

Yes no doubt about that.

Listening to Chet Baker et al. they makes it seem so effortless!

I realised I didn’t share my insight/opinion earlier…

If you are looking for an instrument without a steep learning curve, I would recommend the Ukulele.

I’d say within a week you can be strumming over a simple progression, and most Ukuleles will fit in a backpack which is nice coming from a piano background. They are also relatively inexpensive which is a plus.

Out of curiosity I will pick up a guitar when there is one in the room, but the 6-string fretboard always feels huge after dabbling in the Ukulele.