Online jazz school for guitar

I have a friend who is learning jazz guitar. He was wondering if there was an online jazz guitar school as good as Piano Groove. Would anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi James :wave:

I know there are lots of online guitar schools out there. It’s difficult for me to recommend one as I have virtually no understanding of guitar. Perhaps some of our other students can give some recommendations based on their experiences.

On a related note…

Can you ask your friend what he thinks of the below 2 lessons. A musician friend who also helps with editing PianoGroove lessons created these guitar lessons.

We tried to keep some synergies with the PianoGroove tutorial layout as you will see with the light-up fretboard. The project lost a bit of momentum but it would be great to get some feedback on the tutorial style and layout and I can pass this onto the teacher.

There is one theory lesson, and one jazz standard lessons.

If any other students have any feedback that would be most welcome!

Major 251 Progression

“All The Things You Are” Tutorial


Thanks Hayden. The videos are very cool. I have forwarded them to my guitar playing friends.

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My friend Scott’s feedback:

The sample guitar lessons are great. I like the format. Very clear and easy to follow. The simultaneous view of the left hand, fretboard light-up and music sheet is very effective. The commentary is also excellent.

I would subscribe to something like this and would love to see more. If the project starts up again, some lessons on improvisation techniques would also be useful.


Wow… I love how you can see the actual notes on the fretboard (layout) - instead of seeing just white dots or numbers for the tab - This is Super!!! Excellent playing too!

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