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Hello everybody, I am Wouter aka Lenny and am from Flanders, Europe. My native language is Flemish Dutch in the northern part of Belgium, just below The Netherlands.

Being a babyboomer I am a child from the 50’s - 60’s (1953) and have enjoyed a wonderful free youth and many beautiful music styles in that era.

At 31 (almost 36 yrs ago) I had my first real contact with music notes and instruments, and tried tenor sax and voice before finding my passion for the piano in sound and form. But at that time the job as an engineer in electronics and a household with spouse and 2 lovely daughters were to demanding to follow up on music at the same time.

No more musical experiences until 2018.

Now I started piano in december 2018 on an old synth (2nd hands) and used my time (always alone) to learn the basics in music and piano. My passion was reignited and I bought a digital piano, the KORG G1 AIR with wheigthed keys. Very happy with that choice!

Yesterday I was still searching the ultimate teaching website and wondering if one would specialize in playing jazz standards and explain the who’s and why’s of chords and harmony in ballads, when I realized I was talking to the one I searched for. So, here I am at Pianogroove .

My only goal in learning to play the piano is having fun at it, maybe share it with a friend and enjoy the wonderful tunes. The past year I experienced a relaxation feeling at the keys from time to time. So, I should not be hasty, but take my time to learn ballads at my own pace and without being pumped up by anyone in the world.

I think I have found the correct teaching site in Pianogroove and will start from scratch to be able to adapt their styles and approaches of teaching and of music and Jazz .

Thank you all,

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Welcome Lenny,

You have, indeed, picked the right place if you want to know “the who’s and why’s of chords and harmony in ballads.” I came here for the same reason about a year-and-a-half ago. It’s been all that I expected and more. Having fun is central to the experience. If you enjoy yourself, you’ll spend more time working through the theory and the tunes. My playing is slowly getting better and more confident. But apart from that, working through the lessons and learning more about harmony, I find that I appreciate my listening more.

Whatever, welcome and have fun.

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Thank you Scott for your welcome words. You indeed understood what I was looking for, finding it here at Pianogroove

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Welcome Lenny !
Playing music is such a gift …have fun !


Welcome Lenny. Like you, I love the ballads. No one does a better job arranging and explaining the theory behind the arrangement than Hayden and PianoGroove. Enjoy!


Welcome and enjoy Lenny! PianoGroove is the place you were looking for :star_struck: Take care and hope you keep us posted.