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Hey everyone, I’m Shannon. I am retired and the love of piano and music led me to PianoGroove. I started playing piano when I was about 9 years old. Grew up in South Carolina and after learning piano well enough I played piano and organ in my church. Went on to major in music in college for a semester and a half. Changed major to Sociology and regretted it ever since. Just lately got back to playing piano and wanted to be able to play some of the pop standards along with rock and roll and blues and all that jazz for just myself. Took a while to find PianoGroove to be able to guide me along the path. Everything has been good so far. Looking for good things ahead.

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Hey Shanon, welcome to PianoGroove.

Check out our syllabus pages where you can see the “birds eye view” of how the courses tie together -

I recommend students to work through the syllabuses in the order that they are presented, but if a particular topic interested you feel free to skip ahead.

I think that our course on “Beginner Jazz Arrangements” would be a good place to start to learn how to interpret lead sheets, check that out here:

You might also like to check out this “Beginner Jazz Q&A Session” where I answer around 30 questions submitted by our students:

If there are any topics that interest you just let me know and I will point you towards certain lessons and courses on the website.

Cheers and enjoy the lessons!

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