New Course By Jovino - Ideas Needed Please For Next Course

Well, this is not nearly as complex as previous suggestions, and it may not be appropriate for Jovino.

However, It might be nice to get some simple suggestions / examples of adding an improv to a jazz standard without becoming an expert on improv first. Maybe some examples (I emphasize EXAMPLES) of using just chord tones in a manner that has a jazz sound to it without being “very difficult”. This would give the early intermediate players a chance to incorporate improv into jazz standards sooner. Thanks.

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Brilliant suggestion Don.

I will pass this onto Jovino. I think he will have some fantastic insights to share on developing improvisation skills.

In the meantime…

Check out this chapter he demonstrates in the Improv lesson - chapter 4 “Play Less Notes” the key message is that improvisation does not have to involve lots of notes :

The key is that your ideas are logical, in-time, and repetitive. Repetition develops motifs. A motif is something that gives your improvisation structure, cohesion, and ultimately, sounds like a melody.


Check out chapter 6 “Improvised Notes” in Jovino’s lesson on Wave: Wave Tutorial: Chords, Voicings, Comping Rhythms, Basslines, PDF Transcription

Here again, he is demonstrating that improvisation does not need to be complex. The key is repetition and motif development.

Let me know what you think of those chapters above … anything that you think could be improved, anything that is missing, or anything that could be explained/demonstrated in more detail.

Just let me know and I will ensure it is delivered.


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Hi teacher,I want to ask if the blues and bossanova intermediate advanced piano tutorial is updated later?

Hi FooChi :wave:

Yes, if you read above you will see that I have a recording session scheduled with Jovino on the 12th November - that will be the 3rd Bossa course on the website.

Jazz Piano has always been the main focus of PianoGroove, but we will soon be expanding the Blues and Bossa sections in the same way.

If you have any ideas for Bossa lessons, just let us know and we will create them.

Also some of the lessons in Jovino’s course are Intermediate/Advanced:

For example, these lessons cover some advanced concepts and applications

Check them out and let me know what you think.

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Hi All,

The next recording session with Jovino Santos Neto - our Brazilian piano expert - has been scheduled.

I decided to move forward with the following split of lessons:

I feel that this will be a nice combination of jazz standard studies, and also incorporate a good selection of short, concise, and actionable theoretical studies with a Brazilian flavour.

The 3 Jazz Standards - Thanks For Your Suggestions…

I provided Jovino with the list of jazz standards that we have all requested and asked him to choose 3 of them.

Jovino chose the following 3 tunes:

  • Água de Beber
  • Desafinado
  • Sambolero

Jovino chose these tunes because they are all very different from each other. Jovino feels that this will provide our students with 3 unique arrangements and insights into Brazilian Music.

10 x “5 Minute Masterclass” Lessons

I also asked Jovino to create 10 x “5-Minute Masterclass” Lessons.

The list of topics Jovino has provided look brilliant. Take a look below.

I am excited to get started on these short, concise, and actionable 5-minute lessons:

  • The multiple dimensions of music

  • Intervals as orbital vectors

  • The Lydian approach as a starting point for harmonic development

  • Triads as fundamental building blocks of harmony

  • Using triads for melodic construction

  • Efficient, elegant and economical chord voicings

  • Connecting triads into tetrahedra

  • Quartal triads

  • Power chords as flexible structures

  • The Arboreal concept of chordal harmony

  • Carbon as a crystalline model of musical entities

  • Chords as clouds, chords as trees

  • Toroidal models of pedal-based harmony

  • Pitch as rhythm

  • Non-linear rhythmic patterns

  • Tools for improvisation, composing and arranging

And finally, there is also a short tuorial on “how to feel 2/4 time” - thanks @anon84688975 for this great suggestion.

I’d estimate that these lessons will be available on PianoGroove within 1 month. Updates to follow.

Thanks again for everyone’s input and suggestions :sunglasses:


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These sound awesome Hayden. Some of the 5 minute masterclass topics sound fascinatingly out there!

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This looks incredible Hayden!

Given that Jovino played for 15 yrs with Hermeto Pascoal, I would love to just hear an interview of him talking about that! Ask him about playing Hermeto’s astonishing tune “Pipoca,” which is on Sergio Mendes’s Brasileiro album:

It’s a bit complex for a tutorial but still!



Thanks Martin… we have a full day recording session on Monday, and these tutorials will be edited and published over the coming month or so.

Here’s a link that Jovino shared on his Facebook page:

It’s worth following him, he shares lots of great updates of him playing music, and information on his various shows and concerts.

We shared his recent post on PianoGroove’s Facebook page, Jovino tells the story of how he met Hermeto Pascoal… check it out here:

Here’s a direct link to the article here:

I’m very excited for this upcoming series of lessons, I will post updates in this thread so keep checking back here. I will pass your feedback onto Jovino, as well as the rest of the ideas and suggestions in this thread :sunglasses:


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Sorry I came in so late on this discussion! Seems like a lot of great stuff has been happening with the Brazilian tutorials while I was away! I’m going to keep a closer eye on this thread from now on.

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Jovino says hi to everyone at PianoGroove :wave:

Here’s a snap from our recording session today at PianoGroove’s Seattle Studio.

This morning we recorded 10 x 5-Min Masterclass lessons - some really awesome topics from the list above and I’m excited to get these published.

And this afternoon we’ll be creating 3 detailed Brazilian jazz standard studies on the following tunes:

  • Desafindo
  • Água de Beber
  • Sambolero

The recording session has gone fantastic so far.

Jovino and I looked over this thread and also the other feedback I’ve received to ensure we are delivering exactly what our students want to learn.

More announcements to follow on these lessons. Cheers!


Awesome! :smiley: :palm_tree:

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Now onto the editing stage :sweat_smile:

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Love the sound of the non-song lessons!

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Cant wait to hear what this great master will give us ))

Love so much is playing :sunglasses:

ps did you notice the sound in the first lessons was clipping a bit , his playing seems really powerfull

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Yes I did Pierre, that was actually my mistake, I have since learnt how to use Logic better to export the audio and prevent it from peaking like that.

I have all of the files from Jovino’s first course, and so my plan is to re-edit the audio layer which shouldn’t be too much work.

Needless to say, that same issue won’t be happening this time with the lessons above :sunglasses:


great to hear that … was just so painful to hear that … thks so much

Looks great Hayden - any idea what sort of timeframe the lessons should be available?

Yes the editing is underway Martin and I’ll be publishing the lessons as they are finished. The first to come shortly.

I’m aiming to get all 13 lessons online this month with the help of our editing team.

Lessons 1 - 10 are 5-min masterclassses so the editing is a quicker process than for the 3 jazz standard lessons.

Also, we will soon have a new website section so each teacher’s masterclass lessons will be housed in individual course pages. Currently all teachers’ masterclass lessons are housed in the same course. I think the former will be a better structure.

I’ll post all updates in this thread. Cheers!

Hi Brazilian Groovers!

The first of Jovino’s lessons have been published, I’ve added them to a new course page “Brazilian Grooves Course Vol. II”.

The 2 lessons are the beautiful tune “Desafinado”:

and also a short study of 2/4 time:

New Teacher Specific Masterclass Courses

If you check out the Bossa Nova Lessons Category, you will see that we are now building out teacher specific masterclass courses:

I’m confident we can get most of the Jovino’s latest lessons up on the website this month.

I’ll post all updates here and enjoy the 2 lessons above.