My pinky goes up when I play

Hi I everyone and merry xmas. I noticed when I play some digitations on the piano my pinky goes up and I don’t like that, what can I do for solved that problem?

There are quite a few videos on this topic on youtube if you search “flying pinky piano”. I know because I am working on this as well trying to be mindful of each finger. The key is staying relaxed and practicing as slowly as you need to so that your fingers do not fly up. If this means practicing something as simple as Hanon #1 or a C major scale at 60 bpm until your pinky does not fly up than start there and do not increase your speed until you can keep your technique consistent. Identify when this is happening and then isolate that chord or passage or whatever you’re practicing and slow it down as much as needed until you can play it with good technique. It feels painfully slow but if you don’t work on this now you will end up with bad technique. If you’re still having problems isolating why this is happening after watching some vids on the subject and practicing slowly, maybe seek out a teacher who can watch what you’re doing and give specific instruction. Good luck!