Minor 7th b5 scale sources

I have been working on some more advanced minor 7th b5 voicing and am seeking clarification on scale sources for minor 7th b5 chords. I have used an F melodic minor scale displaced to start on the note D, which is the 6th degree of the scale ( d minor 7th b5 = f melodic minior starting on the note D). In working through an advance improvisation course, it was stated that the scale source was Eb major, but this introduces Eb at a minor 9th. Any help would be most appreciated.

Hi @landermaestro ,

As you mentioned, 6th mode of F minor melodic is indeed the source for Dminor7b5, and if you follow the scale, you can add 9th into the voicing, for example:

The other situation is also correct, Eb major scale is the origin of D locrian (7th mode), which is a basic source for D-mb7, but in this case you would have b9 (Eb), which usually is left out from voicings and sometimes even melodies, due to the dissonant b9 interval it creates with the root.

So, both situations you wrote are correct, they are just two minor 7b5 chords, another one would have b9 and another 9.