Merry Christmas Piano Groovers! New Song from Maria and Eric

Greetings! I hope your Christmas is merry and bright!
I thought this tune would be good to share with everyone at Christmas time.
Wishing everyone all the love, peace, and joy this time has to give us.


Yeah thats a cool song with atmosphere , tension and rhythm break . wow .realy coollll I love it !

Thanks Pierrot, Really appreciate your comment.
As musicians, feedback is important. We are having fun making music even though we play to a backing track… limiting but sure keeps us in line. Ha! :joy:

great job you have done really in line … :ok_hand:

@maria3 that was lots of fun! Very creative; reminded me of Bela Fleck!

Happy holidays.

there is a high dose of cool stuff in here! I love it! More please :heart:

thanks Kristeta!
Since you asked… here is another tune we are goofing around with. Somewhere in between all these classes - the creative process begins!

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