Maybe of interest if you like Jovino's courses

If you enjoy Jovino Santos Neto’s courses and seminars here, you might find his Substack offering “Writing from the Heart of Music” of interest. I know I do. There are both free and paid subscription tiers.

There is a wide range of information on a variety of topics and links. What interests me most are his discussions and examples of his compositions and his work as an arranger and composer. He also has anecdotes and musical samples from his time spent working with Hermeto Pascoal and then later with Airto Moreira and Flora Purim.

Depending on your subscription level, you’ll also find full scores of some of his compositions and links to music that had limited exposure or was never released.

Here’s an example of the kind of stuff you’ll find in “Writing from the
Heart of Music.” It’s a video segment from a popular Brazilian television series with the guitarist Nelson Faria. It has English subtitles. And the story and the tunes are lovely. Enjoy! :musical_keyboard: