Logic Pro - Setup & MIDI

Hi. Just flinging this out there but does anyone have a Yamaha PSR SX 900 and have you worked with a MIDI music programme? I’m looking for the best software to pair it with. I’ve tried several but some are too technical for me. I’m now trying Logic Pro which is more user friendly but I’m having difficulties getting the two to talk to each another. I’ve watched videos but they are using basic midi keyboards.

I’ve not been able to study any of the jazz courses since Covid as I’m spending all my time working on orchestral arrangements for work. (I’m a church musician normally working live but now on line). I’m doing my orchestral arranging old school with just the keyboard which is laborious and I’m keen to get to grips with music software.

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Hi Canadanne :wave:t2:

I don’t have a Yamaha PSR SX 900 but I can explain what I find to be the easiest way to connect a digital piano to a computer via MIDI.

If you look on the back of your keyboard you will see these 3 ports with the title “USB”:

Here is a zoomed out version of where those USB ports are located:

Which USB port to use?

On my keyboard and other Roland models that I have used, I always connect to my laptop using the square USB port, otherwise known as USB Type B, I have highlighted that port here with the arrow:

I would imagine it’s also possible with the other 2 rectangular USB ports, but I have never done this myself. I’m sure it will work for you with the Square USB Port (USB Type B port).

What cable to use?

Next you will need a USB Type A to Type B Cable, here what that looks like:

Notice that one side of the USB cable is square and one is the more common rectangle shape which is fond on many laptops.

If you have a printer in your home, chances are it will already be using this exact cable to connect from your computer to your printer, so perhaps borrow that cable to test this, and once it is working you can pick up a new cable on Amazon for $5 to $10 depending on the length:


As mentioned, it may be that a simple USB type A cable will do the job, but I’m not 100% sure.

Connecting To Logic

When I open Logic, I select “Software Instrument” and I can choose one of Logic’s sounds in the “Instrument” dropdown menu:

Logic will then open and you will see that the green bar moves when playing the keyboard to indicate that a MIDI signal is being picked up:

I hope that helps Canadanne, I’m by no means an expert in Logic but I’m sure I can share some more tips and pointers on how to get started with the MIDI side of things.


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Hi and welcome to pianoGroove. It looks like you have a lot of energy and drive. It’s great to see someone with a passion. I also work in a church and am excited about Christmas. I love Christmas music. What are you doing in your church for Christmas music.? I work in an Anglican Church so it’s very formal and traditional although I brought in contemporary Christian music throughout the years I’ve been there. My task for today is to arrange the beautiful song ‘When Love was Born’.

Yay Hayden, Great share! and Great Info :heart: