Light- up keyboard app for iOS?

Hello all

Does anyone have the best tips for what app I can get for iOS which provides the light-up keyboard so i can see what I’m playing.
Exactly like the one Hayden uses in the tutorials.
What is that app and is it on iOS and what cabling do I need.

Apologies for all the questions it’s all just a bit too technical. :thinking:


Hi @karl1 :wave:

Yes I would recommend Midiculous:

The free version will work if you just want to see the light up keyboard on your screen. Simply connect your keyboard to your computer with a USB cable and you will see that the keys light up on the screen when you play the piano.

If you want to load a midi file into the program, then you will need the ‘pro expansion’. The pro expansion also comes with other features too.

You can change the colour of the keys to your preference and the interface also gives an estimation of the harmony. Most online piano lessons that have a light up keyboard use Midiculous.

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