Just read this in The New York Times



Man, that’s a really heartbreaking read. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ve been enjoying his Bremen/Lausanne concerts lately. Can’t wait to hear the Budapest Concert, but it’s such a sadness to know it might mark his final great performance.


Tears here. I had no idea. Another reminder to be grateful for health and the ability to enjoy playing now.

Here’s the NYT article without paywall: https://archive.is/BBupb


:sleepy: So sad to hear such news … even we know this could happen to everybody …for every person who invest himself in such a deep way in a passion … not being no more able to do it the same way is such a tragedy…

So lets keep enjoying being able to play … life is so imprevisible … Marveling at every little thing we can experience should be our philosophy.

keep care and keep enjoying of us much we can !

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