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I think its a very emotional ballad.Frank Sinatras version is my favorite.

What About
A child is born
Goodbye Porkpie hat
Road song

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Beautiful tune Pierre… I haven’t played it for years, it would be a nice one to revisit.

Which one? There’s three. :slight_smile: :wink:

“A Child Is Born”… I made a basic arrangement based on the Bill Evans recording… It was at least 3 years ago when I worked on it, and I haven’t played the tune since so I’ll have to do some listening to familiarise myself with the tune and changes.

Thanks for sharing!

Hi Hayden!

Needless to say, I always enjoy listening to your arrangements - and, whenever possible sit through your lessons. The last one on “Just Friends” was really nice.

I had some suggestions for other tunes - which surprisingly to me haven’t made the request list.

One of my previous requests was “But Beautiful” for which I was glad to see that it was on the list of upcoming tunes. The others were: I Thought About You, The Very Thought of You, What’s New, This Love of Mine, and You Are Too Beautiful (Rogers & Hart version).

As mentioned previously, you are “second to none” when it comes to playing and teaching solo piano - a true treasure! We’re all blessed to have you.

Best wishes to you and yours!



Thanks Bob!

We have actually finished all of the tunes in the table above, all the ones left above have been covered by Tuomo and are sitting on my laptop - 2 edited, and 3 need editing.

  • 500 Miles High (edited and ready to be uploaded)
  • Never Let Me Go (needs editing)
  • You Must Believe In Spring (edited and ready to be uploaded)
  • If I Should Love You (needs editing)
  • Manhattan (needs editing)

I’m aiming to get them all uploaded this month, and then start a new table. Or perhaps 2 tables divided by style (ballad/medium-up/bossa etc)

Yes received.

Once we get the remaining tunes uploaded, I will consolidate all requests in this thread into a single post and i will ensure that they are all delivered. This is much easier now we have our extended teaching team.

I want to teach lots of these tunes myself, but my editing/uploading/general admin workload has made this incredibly difficult this year. A victim of my own success :grin:

I’m getting the processes in place with editors, it’s already mostly set up so I am removed from the equation allowing teachers to send lesson files straight to the editors, and soon I’ll be back to me normal(ish) teaching schedule. In theory at least!

Thank you… That really means a lot. I very much consider myself a student but perhaps that is a blessing when it comes to teaching.

Just to reiterate I’ll be continuing to make lessons for the rest of my life… I love it and wish I had more time to focus on just that. This year has been dedicated to finding more teachers because realistically I cannot competently play or teach all the styles that our students request.

I’m incredibly happy with the our new teaching team, this year has been a huge success on that front. All amazing talents and passionate about what they do which for me has always been key to teaching effectively.

Anyhow, I must get back to editing for the time being :sweat_smile:

ps. my upcoming lessons are a couple of Christmas songs and the practice plan for Rootless Voicings, and Altered Harmony.

    1. Chick Corea Spain …
    1. Michel Petruciani … Looking up

probably two of my next most joyceful composition id like to learn

both could go for the master Jovino too ?

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I would like to second this one…Someone to Watch Over Me -love this song!!!


Received. Thanks for seconding this request. :+1:

How about “Spartacus Love Theme” and “Nardis”. I recently listened to these performed solo piano style by Bill Evans. (The Solo Session Vol.1 or 3 , not sure)

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One more…In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning…lovely!


I would like to request the standard “Invitation”. My favorite version is by Bob Florence. Also certainly second the tunes Nardis and Love theme from Spartacus.


Being a fan of jazz ballads and, especially, Monk, I’d like to request Ruby, my dear. Thanks!

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Actually, is it possible to make some Disney tunes? Like, Wish You Upon A Star or You’ve Got A Friend In Me.

Hi all,

Here’s 4 of the remaining jazz standards from the table at the top of this thread, and this just leaves 1 left which is “You Must Believe In Spring”.

I’ll shortly be creating a new voting table, or tables, containing all suggestions in this thread and we will work from this over 2019.

Thanks for everyones suggestions and we will ensure that all of them are covered.

Onto the new lessons:


500 Miles High:

Never Let Me Go:

If I should Lose You:

Enjoy these wonderful arrangements! :sunglasses:


Cheers Hayden. First stop for me: 500 Miles High :sunglasses:

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Awesome, I hope you enjoy it James… It’s an interesting tune to study and Tuomo teaches it brilliantly.

Enjoy! :sunglasses:

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I love this song so much. It would be great to have a jazzy version tutorial on how to play it. …Get Here by Oleta Adams.

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I would also like to request a jazz version of Happy Birthday.

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