Jazz and AI created with ChatGPT

Hi folks, take a look at this chord progression that ChatGPT created:

It’s incredible how far this technology has come. I don’t think they’ll be going for musicians’ gigs/jobs anytime soon. I foresee a similar event to what might happen with chess and AI or all of the generated art you see on Instagram nowadays; there will be a place for music that is developed with AI but won’t overwhelm the industry. Thoughts?


Thanks for sharing, @sean!

The progressions are great; I exported them from MuseScore as an mp3 file (attached) if anyone is interested. I think we need Tuomo to give us an example of some tunes where these are used!

But the ChatGPT bot needs a theory class; those notes are from E dorian not E major (and are pretty boring as a melody)!

Have you asked it to reharmonize something?


Hey @gregb, that’s a great idea! I’m a little blown away by these answers;

I suppose it’s a little difficult to visualize reharmonizations in this format since reharmonizations consist of chords underneath the melody. But the answers and the explanations it gives are just amazing.

thanks for sharing. interesting post