If you enjoyed Jovino's latest live seminar: Update

Here are two piano trio versions that I failed to include in my last post. The first is from 3 na Bossa, the second from the Zimbo Trio, with the incredible Amilton Godoy. Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:

I’ve been listening to “Balanço Zona Sul” on the 1964 album Sambalanço Trio with Cesar Camargo Mariano on piano and the great Airto Moreira on drums for some time. I never really paid it much attention. After viewing Jovino’s seminar, it’s taken on a whole new life.

When I saw the focus of the seminar, I checked out a number of versions onYouTube before watching it. Jovino suggested checking out different versions, so I thought I’d save you the trouble by sharing what I found. Apparently, the vocal version by Wilson Simonal was the first release of the tune. The third video is by Tito Madi, the tune’s composer. There is no rank ordering implied. Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:


As usual thanks for sharing this additional inspiration @scott1

I have added the light-up keyboard for more clarity into the voicings and progressions discussed, find the updated video here:

I will also add some notation for the voicings, show the correct enharmonics where applicable, and pull in the chord chart for the tune.

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