How does PianoGroove stack up?

Looking for some information, I happened to come across this listing of the top fifteen web sites for learning jazz piano:

I have no idea how these ratings are derived, but I thought it was interesting that PianoGroove came in number 7–ahead of Berklee (from the famed Berklee College of Music) and OpenStudio.

Well done guys! :musical_keyboard:


I’ve seen some of these websites before and even tried to work with one or two. I just took a quick look at the others. Totally unimpressed.
I don’t know how these ratings are derived either; but none of the other websites even begins to rival PianoGroove for professionally produced, well-constructed lessons at all levels, not to mention timely answers to theory questions, this community bulletin board, the live seminars and classes. Hands down PianoGroove is #1.