Hayden's latest seminar


Just finished listening to and enjoying your latest Live Seminar. I’ve always been attracted to the lush voicings of the genre. It would be nice if you could provide some charts and maybe a transcription of a couple of basic patterns so that it would be easier to take them around all the keys.

I’ve been pretty much listening to and studying/playing Brazilian piano for some time. I recently came across a 36-year-old vocalist who might interest you, Vanessa Moreno. Her latest album is Solar, and it’s very much in the neo-soul vein. Here’s a video and a link to the album on Spotify. Enjoy! :musical_keyboard:


Thanks @scott1 - I’m glad you enjoyed the seminar!

Roger that with charts/transcriptions. I will get to work on that this week. I still need to add the chapters to the seminar too.

Thanks for sharing the Vanessa Moreno recording. I love the laid back groove. I’ll have to create a new playlist in my Spotify for “Neo Bossa Nova”! :grin: