Happy New Year!

I hope you all have a very Happy New Year! :champagne: :clinking_glasses:

This isn’t much about jazz, but rather seasonal reflections. This time of year, I always reread Charles Lamb’s “The Old Familiar Faces” (1798). Lamb was an English Romantic writer, probably best known for his essays. Following are the closing lines from that poem.

So might we talk of the old familiar faces —

How some they have died, and some they have left me,
And some are taken from me; all are departed;
All, all are gone, the old familiar faces.

And for some time, I’ve always come back to the Sandy Denny tune,
“Who Know Where the Time Goes.” Denny’s version is great, but I always prefer Nanci Griffith’s take. It’s from a transatlantic session she recorded while living in Dublin. I’ve been working on a piano version that is more in keeping with the PianoGroove style, but I didn’t get it finished in time. Enjoy! :musical_keyboard: (Click on “Ver en YouTube.”)


For over 200 years this song has been sung although because of the language barrier the beauty and the craftsmanship of the poem and song aren’t really known to many outside Scotland. The song is about the enduring nature of friendship that connects people across the years and the miles - something that can be appreciated by people of all nations and cultures in any time. Happy New Year Scott, and all friends at PianoGroove.
Auld Lang Syne


That was lovely - thank you! I’m not keen on Christmas tunes, but I’d love to learn that one … in time for next year :grinning:


Starting out 2023 with some good vibes from Gerald Clayton. Happy New Year to all!